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Friday, August 14, 2009

Gluten Free Utah Beers

I've had a chance to meet a few people over the last couple of days who suffer from Celiac Disease. These are people who suffer damage to the intestines due to an intolerance to gluten, a protein found in various grains: barley, wheat, rye, spelt, oats, kamut and triticale.

This means these poor folks can't enjoy beer of any kind, which frankly just breaks my heart. So out of curiosity I thought I'd look around and see what options are out there for Celiac suffers and get them to as close as I can to Beervana. I was surprised to find, quite a few gluten free option in Utah.

Red Bridge is found at most grocery stores and is made by Anheuser Busch.
Greens out of the U.K. makes eight gluten free styles. Three of which are available locally. Discovery Amber Ale, Endeavor Dubble & Quest Triple. The Green's are only available at the Bayou, Beerhive and Lindsay O Michaels. And finally there's Bard's Tale Dragon Gold Beer. Bard's Tale is only at state liquor stores.

And as a side note. If you prefer spirits Teton Glacier's Potato Vodka contains no glutens either. As most spiritus liquors are grain based. All that aside it's one damn tasty vodka.

Odds are if your gluten intolerant you don't spend much time here on Utah Beer. But if you know someone who is? Spread the beer love.

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On Eggshells Andy said...

This is great info--I get asked about this all the time. Thanks, Mikey!

Unknown said...

My mom is allergic to gluten, but likes beer sometimes (when I'm around, mainly). She usually has Redbridge, which is basically a gluten-free version of most AH beers. She will often sip on a microbrew of mine, however, and claims that if she only has one it doesn't bother her. Locally, another friend who cannot have gluten said the Bayou has a couple of pretty good gluten-free beers, so that might be a good place to do some experimenting.

Personally, I am planning to try to homebrew a batch of tasty GF beer. If it works, I can't think of a better Christmas present for my mom.

Unknown said...

I am a celiac and a regular Red Bridge and Green's customer during BBQ days. I just noticed though that every store has taken Red Bridge off the shelves, even small mom and pop store like Emigration Market. What happened?

Mikey said...

Sjaan, will look into it.

Robert said...

So where exactly can I buy this in Utah? I've looked around and I can't see it anywhere.

Mikey said...

This thread was created in 2009, General Distributors are the people to talk to. if it's still on the market they'd know.


Mikey said...

or I should say General Distribution

Unknown said...

Also have Greens at Zest

Mikey said...

Thanks, Pcully c, what do you think of the new Mountain West ciders?

Madman Mads said...

Newly gluten free! Please help! I want a beer! I don't like IPA stuff just a nice ice cold budlight!