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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

New Beer at the Beerhive

When Del Vance opened the Beerhive a couple weeks ago, he did so promising that he'd be delivering more unique beers for Utah's starved beer community.

It's a slow process getting the fridges stocked with new stuff, but they are starting to trickle in.
Yesterday the Beerhive sent me a list of some new and nearly new Deschutes labels.

Mirror Mirror
Black Butte XXI
Red Chair IPA
Obsidian Stout
Inversion IPA
Bachelor ESB

That's most of Deschutes' regular line-up, half of the Reserve Series and a third of their Bond Street Series. Not Bad considering Deschutes has only been in the market for a couple of months.

The only places you can get these beers are the Beerhive and the Bayou. Mark says he has Mirror Mirror and Black Butte XXI and says he's expecting the Red Chair IPA soon. Cheers!


Andy Primero said...

Let me see if I understood...this is stuff they'll be getting SOON, right? If I go over to the Beerhive today, can I get the ESB or the IPA's? The Obsidian Stout is my favorite stout in the whole wide world. Love it.
Tell Dell that if he brings in the Reserve series when they are available I will set up an altar to him and pray to him as my god.

Mikey said...

Well Infinite Andy, the way things have been going I'm hestitant to say that anything is guarenteed. But they did say they were unloading the boxes of Deschutes yesterday.

Ur-Andy said...

Ahhh Mikey. You're cute when you hedge.

The ONLY Andy said...

Mikey, you didn't need to hedge. It's 1:30 am and I just got home. Good time at the Beerhive. It's the first time I've literally seen somebody fall backwards off of a barstool. Some of these people just aren't used to the high gravity beers...
I drank a Deschutes Bachelor ESB and Inversion IPA followed by a Boulevard Bully Porter. The Boulevard didn't impress, but both of the Deschutes brews sure did! I also helped myself to generous sips (gulps) of the Lady's Boulevard pale, which was nice, her Rogue Red, which I always love, and her Kilt Lifter Scottish (a standard malt-bomb for the win).
I hope to return next week to drink the Deschutes XXI porter. Yes, they have it. Which means I now have to set up my altar to Dell...I just didn't have it in my tonight.
Hopefully Deschutes will do the Dissident again, because that's one of the beers that I just ache for, and maybe they'll get that too?
The Beerhive does have the full Boulevard lineup, a great Belgian selection, and a couple of other rare gems.
Also, it made me happy that every time somebody ordered a Bud Light the bartender (Michael) was polite, but visibly pained in his expression...

adrian said...

i was at the beerhive last night too!

It was a quick stop and I only had the Deschutes Red Chair IPA and their Bachelor ESB. Red Chair wasn't bitter enough for me, but nice and smooth though. The ESB however was excellent.

Anonymous said...

This is great news..The ESB has become my favorite beer from Deschutes..very nice. As far as the XXI it is good now but it will be amazing with about a year on the bottle..Damn tasty stuff though..
I guess I am off to the Beerhive..

Anonymous said...

I love that the Beerhive is IPA and Stout friendly and the Red Chair is damn good. My only wish is a better food menu. The stuff from the Vienna isn't just overpriced, its not that good. The only vegetarian options are salad and a cheese plate. Yes you can mock me for bagging on a food menu on a beer blog. I hope they add some other items that aren't $20 and meat free. I thought the Bayou was bad with its' menu, but the Beerhive has topped them. Both have awesome beer lists. The bayou never has the beers on hand and the beerhive has them and nothing to eat.

Andrew Breitenbach said...

Do I dare pray they'll get in The Abyss when it's released? Should I get in line now?

Mikey said...

Actually, I think the odds are really good that we will see The Abyss when it comes around next year.