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Friday, August 07, 2009

Ruby River is Out of the Pub

The other day I mentioned that Ruby river had shut down a few of their locations. Some of the restaurants may be gone but the beer side of the business is still moving forward.

Like most breweries in Utah, Ruby River isn't content with just having their beers available only at their brewpub/restaurant they want it out, to as wide a customer base as possible.

Currently RR is serving their suds at all RR locations, Red Robin and select Sizzler locations. Rob Bunn, Brewmaster for RR tells me that he's got a deal with Wasatch Distributing to get his beer out to the masses. His Ruby Red Ale is currently at Teazers up in Ogden and is hoping to have more beers on tap soon including their delicious Rockwell Porter.

Ruby River doesn't get a lot of play, there's hardly any mention of their craft brews on their website(hint, hint to RR management). So, make the effort to get out and try their stuff. There's too much craft beer momentum in Utah to slow it down now. Cheers!


Lee said...

Your comment about the craft beer momentum is spot on. We have a ton of great local brewers. Now I wish we could get rid of the wacky 3.2 requirement. I'd also love to see the higher alcohol content brews on tap. That'd be a nice treat...

Douglas said...

The Rockwell Porter is made by Hoppers right?