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Monday, August 03, 2009

Beehive Brew-Off Winners

First off let me say that for a first attempt at a Homebrew competition Mark, Jamie, Mike and everyone else involved did an incredible job of putting on a well organized, detail oriented BJCP sanctioned competition.

Besides running smoothly, I gotta say the quality of the beers entered really blew the judges away. We're talking about professional brewers, industry professionals and certified judges. It really made me sink back in my chair and think to myself, "man... my homebrew really blows".

At one point Saturday afternoon I thought that we were going to "go to blows" over which IPA was the overall winner. Luckily the final result kept everyone happy. I hope.

Entries wern't limited to Utah homebrewers, entries came from as far away as California, Texas and Nebraska. Check out the Beernut's website for more details. Also, check out the news coverage from Fox13.

Cheers to all the winners. Nicely done!

Beehive Brew Off Results

August 1 2009
Sponsored by The Beer Nut/ZZHOPS

299 Entries

Richard Jensen WVC,UT Scottish 70 9B Scottish 70/- 1
Craig Hardy Springville,UT My Red 9D Irish Red Ale 2
Kevin Kroll Lincoln,NE
9E Strong Scotch Ale 3
Table 2 - Light Lagers (5 Entries)
Mike Johnson SLC,UT Helles 1D Munich Helles 1
Tracy Johancsik Murray,UT
1E Dortmunder Export 2
Mike Johnson SLC,UT American Lager 1B Standard American 3
Table 3 - IPA's (24 Entries)
Ryan Cathey SLC,UT Down pour IPA 14A English IPA 1
MIke Wilder SLC,UT Double IPA 14C Imperial IPA 1
Rob Kent SLC,UT Doobious 14C Imperial IPA 3
Table 4 - Pilsners (8 Entries)
Ryan Cathey SLC,UT Sunnyside Pilsner 2B Bohemian Pilsner 1
Mike Horner SLC,UT Bit O' Pils 2A German Pilsner 2
Tracy Johancsik Murray,UT
2B Bohemian Pilsner 3
Table 5 - Euro Lagers (8 Entries)
Kevin Kroll Lincoln,NE
3B Oktoberfest 1
Bryan Van Winkle SLC,UT Maternity Marzen 3B Oktoberfest 2
Mike Horner SLC,UT Augustfest 3B Oktoberfest 3
Table 6 - Bocks and Dark Lagers (10 Entries)
Troy Faircloth Tooele,UT Schwarzbier 4C Schwarzbier 1
Shawn Scott McAlester,OK Doubravka Dunkel 4B Munich Dunkel 2
Davo Mahaffey SLC,UT Mahaffinator 5C Doppelbock 3
Table 7 - Hybrids (20 Entries)
Vince Stuart South Jordan,UT Just Beer 6B Blond Ale 1
Vince Stuart South Jordan,UT Cal Common? 7B California Common Beer 2
Vince Stuart South Jordan,UT Rye Not 6D American Wheat or Rye Beer 3
Table 8 - English Pale Ale (15 Entries)
Ray Madsen Heber City,Ut Standard/Ordinary Bitter 8A Ordinary Bitter 1
Brian Michel SLC,UT Summer Rain 8C Extra Special/Strong Bitter (EPA) 2
Tracy Johancsik Murray,UT Sorachi ESB 8C Extra Special/Strong Bitter (EPA) 3
Table 9 - American Ale (21 Entries)
Chico Lusby Lompoc,CA Fogtown Pale Ale 10A American Pale 1
Zach Gildersleeve SLC,UT Madison Brown 10C American Brown 2
Vince Stuart South Jordan,UT Tasty 10A American Pale 3
Table 10 - English Brown Ale (7 Entries)
Vince Stuart South Jordan,UT Oh Ya 11C Northern English Brown 1
Kevin Kroll Lincoln,NE
11C Northern English Brown 2
Shawn Scott McAlester,OK Blackfriar's Brown 11A Mild 3
Table 11 - Porter (16 Entries)
Mike Johnson SLC,UT Brown Porter 12A Brown Porter 1
Carlos Aguirre SLC,UT Robust Porter 12B Robust Porter 2
Jim Lauscher Sandy,UT Samuel Smith Taddy Porter Clone 12A Brown Porter 3
Table 12 - Stout (16 Entries)
RICKY/QUINN HANSING/ESKELSEN SLC,UT Sven the spartan imperial resistance stout 13F Russian Imperial Stout 1
Harley Hoskins Slc,UT Espresso Oatmeal Stout 13C Oatmeal Stout 2
x Connelly Brothers SLC,UT Grand Slainte Stout 13F Russian Imperial Stout 3
Table 13 - German Wheat and Rye (10 Entries)
Ray Madsen Heber City,Ut Weizenbock 15C Weizenbock 1
Chris Detrick SLC,UT Sorachiweizen 15A Weizen 2
Kevin Kroll Lincoln,NE
15B Dunkelweizen 3
Table 15 - Belgian Saison, Wit and Biere de Garde (19 Entries)
Mike Hahn SLC,UT Saison I 16C Saison 1
Troy Faircloth Tooele,UT Saison 16C Saison 2
Jeremy Juedeman Ogden,UT Saison 16C Saison 3
Table 16 - Belgian Pale and Specialty (16 Entries)
Alex Lemieux Salt Lake City,UT Biere de Mars 16E Belgian Specialty 1
Brent Winlker SLC,UT Belgian IPA 16E Belgian Specialty 2
Brent Winlker SLC,UT Belgian Dark Ale 16E Belgian Specialty 3
Table 17 - Sour Ales (11 Entries)
Table 18 - Belgian Strong (19 Entries)
Carlos Aguirre SLC,UT Mexo-Peruvian Oro 18D Belgian Golden Strong Ale 1
Tyler Makmell SLC,UT Belgian Strong Ale 18E Belgian Dark Strong Ale 2
Kris Olsen SLC,UT Double Dubbel 18E Belgian Dark Strong Ale 3
Table 19 - Strong Ale (8 Entries)
Mike Johnson SLC,UT BARLEY WINE 19B Barleywine 1
SCOTT ENDICOTT SLC,UT BARLEY WINE 2007 19B English Barleywine 3
Matt Lewis Logan,Ut Harvest Ale 19C American Barleywine 3
Table 20 - Fruit Beer (9 Entries)
Rob Kent SLC,UT Old Limey 20A Fruit Beer 1
Doug Kirchner Park City,UT Apricot Ale 20A Fruit Beer 2
J. Daren Wightman Murray,UT Black & Blue Berry Ale 20A Fruit Beer 3
Table 21 - Spice, Herb and Vegi..Yummmm (16 Entries)
TROY JASKOWSKI SLC,UT APPLECARMEL LAGER 21B Christmas/Winter Specialty Spiced Beer 1
Matthew Walker SLC, Von-Pumpkin 21A Spice, Herb, Vegetable Beer 2
Table 22 - Smoke & Specialty (21 Entries)
Walt Minkel Bountiful,UT Hickory Smoke Ale 22B Other Smoked Beer 1
Rob Kent SLC,UT The Good Ol' Days 23A Specialty Beer 2
Kevin Kruse Murray,UT Smokin' IPA 23A Specialty Beer 3
Table 23 - Meads (8 Entries)
Robert Cady SLC,UT Sage Honey Mead 24A Dry Mead 1
RICKY/QUINN HANSING/ESKELSEN SLC,UT Your Peach Braggot is in another castle 26B Braggot 2
Table 24 - Ciders (5 Entries)
Jeff/Ayllyn Nolte Plano,TX Governor Perry 28D Other Spec. Cider/Perry 1
Jeff/Ayllyn Nolte Plano,TX Cranberry Cider 28B Fruit Cider 2
Rand Babcock Riverton,Ut Cider 27A Common Cider 3
Troy Faircloth Tooele,UT Schwarzbier 4C Schwarzbier 1
Mike Johnson SLC,UT Megan's Barleywine 19C American Barleywine 2


rip said...

What a great time! Hats off and a big THANKS to Jamie, Mark and all of the judges for pulling this thing off. Can't wait for the next one!

Douglas said...

Wow! That is awesome to see so many different entries and types. Some people are holding back on me:)Very cool.

Carlos said...

This was an awesome experience. It was my first competition and I'm really happy I did as well as I did.

Mikey (and all the other judges), thanks for the constructive comments! My next beers will look to address the issues.

Carlos said...

Oh, and of course thanks to all the folks at the Beer Nut and everyone else who was involved in doing this. You guys put in a lot of hard work and it showed. Thanks!

Andy Originale said...

Yup, big thanks go out to the organizers and judges who put in the time and effort.
So you judged the IPA category, Mikey? Any other categories you judged?
I didn't score too well with my ESB, but it was my first batch in a long time and it was actually confidence-inspiring that the judges nailed down the problems that I knew the beer should have, given some of the many mistakes that were made on brew day.
You judges had better watch out next time, because I think all of us homebrewers are going to be better prepared for the next competition. This year we all just entered whatever decent homebrew we happened to have available.
I was also surprised at how many homebrewers there are around here...secretive, sneaky bastards.

Ricky H. said...

What a wonderful event! I was amazed at how crowded everything was, and how friendly everyone at the awards event were. I was blown away that I won the stout and placed second in Mead. All the judges, like Carlos said, left really wonderful comments. My brew-buddie and I will take everything you guys said to heart be truly bringing the heat next year!

I am very glad that this event went so smoothly, and I can't wait to enter then next one. I have only been brewing for about 6 months, so winning an event like this is a HUGE motivator for me. All the beernut staff and judges deserve their own award.

Mikey said...

Six months??? Ricky, that's outstanding! Congratulations on your ribbons. I'm comming after you next year, so watch your back.

kent said...

Congratulations to everyone. It sounds amazing. I really wish I could have been there.

Mikey said...

Well Andy, I did Belgian Strong Ales, Porters, IPAs & best of show. So I get 1/6 credit or blame for results. A lot great beers.

Carlos said...

Note posted by the Beer Nut on facebook, in case some didn't see it:

"A big thank you to all who participated in The Beehive Brew Off. The competition was a huge success! Those who won awards, I will have some additional prices available at The Beer Nut on Tuesday. For those who live outside of Utah, I will ship off your score sheets this week. Now, get started on your beer for next year's competition."

Jamie said...

I meant to say prizes, not prices. And, again, thank you to all!

Mike J said...

Thanks to Jamie and Mark, and to Mikey and all of our other judge volunteers. We had to scramble a bit when the expected 150 entries turned into 300 a week before the competition, but the judges stepped up for a second day of judging and it all came together nicely. All of the feedback has been positive. I'm sure next year will be even better with the experience of the first year under our belts.

DCSteele said...

Congrats to all that entered!! It was an honor to have judged and taste so many great beers. I'm not at all surprised that Utah's home brewers did so well. Even brewers that didn't medal often only had one flaw, so great job to everyone who entered. Next year I'm sure will be an even better!