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Sunday, August 22, 2010

2010 Beehive Brew-off Winners

This past weekend 30 beer judges from all over Utah and Idaho spent the last two days sampling some of the most creative home brews to come out of a kitchen or garage.

The quality of the 364 entries really blew the judges away. I personally would have paid good money for many of them. So here they are, and congratulations to the the winners of the Second Annual Beehive Brew-off!

Beehive Brew Off Results
August 21 2010
Sponsored by The Beer Nut/ZZHOPS
364 Entries

Table 1 - 1 Light Lager (10 Entries)
Mike Johnson SLC,UT Standard American - Lager Standard American 1
Mike Horner SLC,Ut Dort - Dortmunder Export 2
John Hansen SLC,UT Backcountry Lager - Munich Helles 3

Table 2 - 2 Pilsner (10 Entries)
Bryan Van Winkle SLC,UT This is the Pilsner - German Pilsner 1
Mike Johnson SLC,UT German Pils - German Pilsner 2
Mike Johnson SLC,UT Classic Am. Pilsner - Classic American Pilsner 3

Table 3 - 3 Euro Amber Lager (11 Entries)
Mike Johnson SLC,UT Oktoberfest - Oktoberfest 1
Travis Grimm Sandy,UT Grimmbrau Festier - Oktoberfest 2
Tracy Johancsik Murray,UT Over the pond Oktoberfest - Oktoberfest 3

Table 4 - 4 Dark Lager (9 Entries)
Rob Kent WVC,UT Ebony - Schwarzbier 1
Tracy Johancsik Murray,UT Dawn's Dunkel - Munich Dunkel 2
Travis Grimm Sandy,UT Grimmbrau Schwarzherz - Schwarzbier 3

Table 5 - 5 Bock (7 Entries)
Zach Gildersleeve SLC,UT Inseminator - Doppelbock 1
Michael, Kris Baker, Merrill West Jordan,UT Hoppermaker - Maibock 2
Mike Johnson SLC,UT Bock - Traditional Bock 3

Table 6 - 6 Light Hybrid XX (21 Entries)
Doug Kirchner Park City,UT Ken's Blonde - Blond Ale 1
Travis Grimm Sandy,UT Grimmbrau Kolschner - Koelsch 2
Tom Shivers Brigham City,UT American Wheat - American Wheat/Rye Beer 3

Table 7 - 7 Amber Hybrid (9 Entries)
Weston Barhley Las Vegas,NV Mongrel - California Common Beer 1
Vince Stuart South Jordan,UT Northern German Altbier Alt - Northern
German Altbier 2
Ed Harrach SLC,UT Amber Hybrid - Dusseldorf Altbier 3

Table 8 - 8 English Pale Ale XX (17 Entries)

Jim Lauscher Sandy,UT Fuller ESB clone - Extra Special/Strong Bitter 1
Aaron Smith Murray,UT Special Bitter - Special/Best/Premium Bitter 2
Vince Stuart South Jordan,UT Draft Party Light - Ordinary Bitter 3

Table 9 - 9- Scottish and Irish Ale (12 Entries)
Mike Hahn SLC,UT Scotch Ale - Strong Scotch Ale 1
Michael Pezeley SLC,UT Ouglie Bastard - Scottish 80/ 2
Mike Johnson SLC,UT Scottish 80 - Scottish 80/ 3

Table 10 - 10A American Pale Ale XX (16 Entries)
Vince Stuart South Jordan,UT Freezer Douche - American Pale 1
Rory Matson SLC,UT Wedding Pale - American Pale 2
Jerry McPhie SLC,UT Pail of Pale Ale - American Pale 3

Table 11 - 10B American Amber (11 Entries)

Rob Phillips SLC,UT Reverse Camber Amber Ale - American Amber 1
Jerry McPhie SLC,UT Red-demption ale - American Amber 2
Brian Michel , Iron Man - American Amber 3

Table 12 - 10C American Brown (9 Entries)
Zach Gildersleeve SLC,UT Madison Brown American Brown 1
Alex Lemieux SLC,UT Biere Brune - American Brown 2
Vince Stuart South Jordan,UT Taste Like More - American Brown 3

Table 13 - 11 English Brown (8 Entries)
Trent Bangert Herriman,UT Blutty Brown - Mild 1
Ed Harrach SLC,UT Alt - Mild 2
Steven LaRue Ogden,UT Mild Mannered - Mild 3

Table 14 - 12 Porter XX (17 Entries)
Ed Harrach SLC,UT Porter - Robust Porter 1
Sean Meegan Sandy,UT Porter the Dog - Brown Porter 2
James/Connor Mancuso/Forbes SLC,UT Brown Porter - Brown Porter 3

Table 15 - 13 Stout XX (22 Entries)

Ricky, Quinn Hansing, Eskelson SLC,UT Sven the Spartan Imperial
Resistance Stout - Russian Imperial Stout 1
Dallas Barlow Bountiful,UT Dirty Hippie Celebration Stout - Russian
Imperial Stout 2
Stephen Anderson West Jordan,UT Mud - Foreign Extra Stout 3

Table 16 - 14A & 14B English & American IPA XX (19 Entries)
Tracy Johancsik Murray,UT Hoppy Ending IPA - English IPA 1
Erik Nordstrom SLC,UT IPA - American IPA 2
Zach Gildersleeve SLC,UT Hat Trick IPA - American IPA 3

Table 17 - 14C Imperial IPA (8 Entries)

Chris Detrick SLC,UT Hopgasm - Imperial IPA 1
Jim Lauscher Sandy,UT Canadian I Pee, Eh? - Imperial IPA 2
Kent Haynes Sandy,UT Impish IPA - Imperial IPA 3

Table 18 - 15 German Wheat and Rye (12 Entries)
Carlos Aguirre SLC,ut von Weizen II - Weizen 1
Mike Johnson SLC,UT Weizenbock - Weizenbock 2
Bert Ley SLC,UT Lost Flock Weizenbock - Weizenbock 3

Table 19 - 16A Witbier (8 Entries)
Doug French SLC,UT Wit O Honey - Witbier 1
Daren Wightman Murray,UT Witbier - Witbier 2
Dakota Broadhead SLC,UT 28 Fingereal Witbier - Witbier 3

Table 20 - 18 Belgian Strong XX (17 Entries)
Mike Johnson SLC,UT Tripel - Belgian Tripel 1
Tyler Makmell SLC,UT Belgian Strong Dark - Belgian Dark Strong Ale 2
Carlos Aguirre SLC,ut Seething Blond - Belgian Blond Ale 3

Table 21 - 19 Strong Ale (6 Entries)
Trent Bangert Herriman,UT 9-9-9 Barleywine - American Barleywine 1
Andrew/Brad Russell/Guiliano SLC,UT E.B. Farnum's Compromise - Old Ale 2
Brothers (Rio) Connelly SLC,UT Faultwine - American Barleywine 3

Table 22 - 20 Fruit Beer (7 Entries)
Rob Kent WVC,UT Old Limey - Fruit Beer 1
Rob Kent WVC,UT A3 - Fruit Beer 2
Daren Wightman Murray,UT Apricot Stout - Fruit Beer 3

Table 23 - 21 Spice, Herb, Vege XX (20 Entries)
Jim Lauscher Sandy,UT Sam Adams Summer Ale Clone - Spice, Herb,
Vegetable Beer 1
Cameron McFarland SLC,UT Chamomile Country Ale - Spice, Herb, Vegetable
Beer 2
Chris Detrick SLC,UT Jack Mormon Breakfast - Spice, Herb, Vegetable
Beer 3

Table 24 - 22 Smoke and Wood (8 Entries)
Ray Madsen Heber,UT Smoked Porter 2009 - Other Smoked Beer 1
Sarah Crane SLC,UT Smoked Porter - Other Smoked Beer 2
Trent Bangert Herriman,UT Oak 13 - Wood-Aged Beer 3

Table 25 - 23 Specialty XXX (32 Entries)
Mike Johnson SLC,UT Golden Touch - Specialty Beer 1
Zach Gildersleeve SLC,UT Reaper Rye - Specialty Beer 2
Jim Lauscher Sandy,UT Rye Not IPA - Specialty Beer 3

Table 26 - 24, 25, 26 Mead & Melomel (7 Entries)
Ricky, Quinn Hansing, Eskelson SLC,UT Brad the Braggart Braggot -
Braggot 1
Ricky, Quinn Hansing, Eskelson SLC,UT Your Peach Braggot is in another
castle - Braggot 2
Andrew Dalton SLC,UT Peach Mead - Other Fruit Melomel 3

Table 27 - 27, 28 Cider (6 Entries)
Andrew/Brad Russell/Guiliano SLC,UT Ebbel oi Sprudelnd - Common Cider 1
Tracy Johancsik Murray,UT Hangman's New England Cider - Other Spec. Cider/Perry 2
Tracy Johancsik Murray,UT Deseret Honey Cider - Other Spec.Cider/Perry 3

Table 28 - 16B, 16C, 16D Belgian Pale, Saison and Biere de Garde
(12 Entries)

Jim Lauscher Sandy,UT 1882 La Vielle Saison - Saison 1
Andrew/Brad Russell/Guiliano SLC,UT Third Nephite - Belgian Pale Ale 2
Stephen Anderson West Jordan,UT Wit & Wisdom - Belgian Pale Ale 3

Table 29 - 16E & 17 Belgian Specialty & Sour (13 Entries)
Alex Lemieux SLC,UT Vallee d'Or - Belgian Specialty 1
Brent Winkler SLC,UT Abbey - Belgian Specialty 2
Michael Pezeley SLC,UT Delbruck Weisse - Berliner Weisse 3

Ray Madsen Heber,UT Smoked Porter 2009 - Other Smoked Beer 1
Mike Johnson SLC,UT Golden Touch - Specialty Beer 2
Trent Bangert Herriman,UT 9-9-9 Barleywine - American Barleywine 3

Thanks to Jamie, Mark, Mike, all the stewards and everyone one involved for making the Second annual Beehive Brew-off a huge success.



Douglas said...

Congrats Ray!

kent said...

That smoked porter was most tasty I must say. Well done to everyone.

And thanks to everyone involved it was a blast.

Andy said...

Woohoo! Thanks to all the judges, stewards, sponsors, and Beernut people. Which categories did you judge, Mikey? I didn't see your comments on any of my submissions.

Mikey said...

I did IPAs, IIPAs and Specialty Beers.

hopheadray said...

Thanks Doug. A special thanks to Jamie Burnham, Mike Johnson, the Bayou, ZZHops, the judges and stewards you guys did an awesome job. It ran so smooth. There was a ton of great beers.

Steve LaPrue said...

How does someone take home 9 medals out of, uh....how many categories? unless stacking the deck is kosh...
Organizers and "pro's" should not enter, duh!
Congrats, if you deserve it!


Beerbelly42 said...


Congrats to everyone. All the beer I tasted was amazing.

This was an awesome event! A special thanks to Jamie, Mike, Mark, ZZ Hops, the Bayou and all The Beer Nut folks,not to mention all the stewards and judges that made this all possible.

Ed said...
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Ed said...

Hell yeah, thanks to everyone for all the work that was put in. It was fun to participate, and I got some helpful notes from the judges.

Anonymous said...


I assure you that all of the winners in this competition deserved it. There was no limit on how many beers could be entered. There were at least half a dozen people who entered six or more entries into the BrewOff. I have copied from the sanctioned competition handbook who is eligible to enter for your reference.

Competition organizers, sponsors, judge directors, registrars,
judges, and stewards may enter the competition if they
wish. However, all contestants should be made aware that
such entries are permitted and that measures have been taken
to ensure fair, anonymous, and accurate judging. No judge or
steward should be assigned to a category they have entered.

As the competition organizer, I assure you that extreme measures were taken to ensure fairness.

Mike Johnson was our Judge director and in no way did he place himself in a position of influence, nor did he judge any categories in which his beer was entered.

-Jamie Burnham

Ricky Hansing said...

It was a blast again this year. I tweeked my beers based off of the feedback from last year and they did even better. Thanks again to all the judges for such great feedback, I'm taking your advice and already re-wrote two recipes.

It was great meeting Mikey and Kent finally, (good to see your new picture Kent). My brew buddie Quinn and I will be brewing our hearts out again. And my buddie Sven is starting to get an ego because the stout is named after him. We'll sort him out.

Great time, and thanks Jamie, Mikey and everyone for the event.

---Ricky Hansing

berrillmaker said...
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berrillmaker said...

this was the first contest we've entered and took 2nd in the bock category, thanks for liking our beer! We didn't know we could actually go to the judging though, is there a way we can get our comments? -Kris Merrill and Michael Baker

kent said...

Jamie can confirm but I believe you can pick them up at the Beernut.