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Friday, August 13, 2010

New Beer Friday 8/13/10

Two new beers for you today.

First is Zatec Dark Lager from the Czech Republic. Roasted malt, chocolate, and caramel up front with an earthy hop bitterness that comes through nicely on the finish. A nice complement to the semi-sweet biscuity malt base. Available at State Liquor Stores.

Next is Boulevard's Two Jokers Wit. Herbal with coriander and a notes of chamomile tea up front with a strong toasted malt biscuit backbone through to the end. Available at the Bayou.



Anonymous said...

I love new beer Fridays.

Douglas said...

I love new beer. I wonder if Mark is going to get the Mikkeler Single Yeast Series. We had most of the Single Hop Series.

kent said...

Mmm drinking a Bam Noire right now. Delicious. Also converting someone off of Corona. Come grab me if you're here folks.

Mark said...

If you converted a Corona Drinker to Bam Noire we've got to start sending you around to all the shitty beer drinkers! Keep up the good work!

mark said...

I am hoping to get the Single Yeasts. We are having some issues with our orders as well as running out of storage space. I'll keep you and Mikey posted.

kent said...

He did like the bam noire, and then he killed half a tank 7

Mikey said...

"He did like the bam noire, and then he killed half a tank 7".

Brilliant! Nice job, Elder Haynes.

Mark said...

Mikey et al.,
Have you seen the Zatec Dark at the stores? I tried to order some but was told that there wasn't any in the system.