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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Here Comes Santa Haas!

On any given day in downtown Salt Lake City you may encounter various mothers and fathers; schlepping about their beloved papooses in one of those comfy looking bicycle "kiddie coaches". It's a great way to get out and exercise while keeping the little rug rats close at hand.

My buddy Chris Haas has no children, but his "babies" never stray far from his sight, especially when he's delivering his craft beer.

You see, Chris is the Brewmaster at Desert Edge Brewing. It's a small operation, Chris takes care of his accounts personally. And when the days are nice and he's not hang'n from the night before, you may see Chris on the Desert Edge Beer Bike, making his weekly rounds. Think of him like Santa Claus.... with a Bike....except with beer. SANTA HAAS!

So if you happen to see Santa Haas bumping around downtown SLC on the Beer Bike with Kegs of his yummy craft beers in tow, Make room, say "Prost"! and offer that working boy a beer.


Pictured above. The Pilot: Chris Haas - The Keg: Dave Watson

Photo: Dave Watson


Dono said...

Nice Bike Haas! I would love to see the reaction of people if that sled was entered into a local race...of course full of beer. Best Beer Bike Ever!

becky said...

On the 1st day of summer my brewer gave to me....A beer!! Love it Hass

hairwolf said...

Sweet bike, Chris. I live just around the corner so I'll be expecting delivery soon.

Anonymous said...

Here comes Santa Haas, here comes Santa Haas, right down Santa Haas lane..cheers Chris


Anonymous said...

Hmm, stupidity abounds...that picture is even more disturbing than the first one posted.
Cops give out DUI's to
to people on bikes AND Big Wheels!
Get a helmet! especially to the guy in the side car, hope you have A hard head:)
I think you do.