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Monday, August 16, 2010

Beer For Your TV

Craft beer seems to be finding it's way into more pubs and home refrigerators every day. People from all segments of society are taking notice as more labels start popping up in every region of the country. Many are finding that with craft beer's popularity comes and opportunity to ride it coat tails and make some money.

Television has always been one of those vehicles that tries to cash in on popular trends. Since television's inception it's been a barometer of our cultures likes and interests. So I guess it would seem appropriate that given beers popularity now you should see more of it blazon across your flat screens.

And in the coming moths you will. Last February the Fox Network announced that it was producing a pilot episode for a new sitcom revolving around a family run Microbrewery. The comedy named Strange Brew (no relation to the iconic Bob & Doug Mckenzie movie) from "Will & Grace" creators David Kohan and Max Mutchnick. Like most sitcoms that deal with such a narrow theme, I have a feeling that it'll exhaust all the cleaver beer jokes in the first episode then "flame out" from there. I hope I'm wrong. If done right it could really promulgate craft beer.

The Second series scheduled for production is the Discovery Channels "Brewed". The series will air this fall and will explore the culture, history and variety of beer. The show will feature Dogfish Head Brewery's Sam Calagione. Sam travels the world to experience what every culture brings to its own special brew.

In BREWED, Sam shows viewers the other side of the bottle, sharing the stories of beer sub-cultures as well as exploring life inside The Dogfish Head Brewery. BREWED goes behind the scenes at Dogfish Head as Sam’s band of creative brewmasters concoct new varieties beers.

Two very different show to say the least. Some in the Beer Industry are not exactly jazzed on the idea of brewery sitcom. Some say "it won't help craft beer's image". Or that "misrepresenting the technical aspects will diminish the brewers technical expertise". I say, "get over yourselves". Craft beer needs all the converts it can get.



Ed said...

If "Strange Brew" is the most creative title they could come up with, I'm not really optimistic about the content of the show.

The Discovery series, on the other hand...

Anonymous said...

SAMS show will be all about HIMSELF. This will not help Craft Beer but get a bunch of newbie/posers/frat boys to act like it's the new best thing. Money is all Sam thinks about, and his "Friends".
Owners should NOT speak for brewers.
Bottom line, thats it for them.