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Monday, August 30, 2010

Hoppy Days

If your yard looks like mine, you've got thick vines full of cones waiting to be plucked. Hop vines all over the area are already starting to yield a wide varity of our favorite bittering tool.

I noticed a lot of people around the area were getting their "Hops-On" this weekend. Here are some of their photos.

Chris Haas

Chris Detrick

Ray & Carrie Madsen




hopheadray said...

Love it Hoppy Days. Great find Chris Haas. Just brewed a 12 gallon last on sunday. Thanks for the photo Post. I added 4-5 gallon of hops to a 12 gallon Batch. Cheers Mikey. I will call you when it is ready.

Aaron said...

Anyone know where I can pick wild hops for my own brews?