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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Deschutes Red Chair

Looking for a something special to ring in the new year? Dechutes' Red Chair Northwest Pale Ale, a winner of multiple awards, including. World’s Best Beer, World’s Best Ale, World’s Best Pale Ale, World’s Best Standard Pale Ale, and The America’s Best Standard Pale Ale.

It has a plush body with satiny caramel flavors derived from seven varieties of malt. Yet, despite it all, it remains a hop-forward ale with that distinctive citrusy punch. Minus any mouth-puckering bitterness.

Available at most liquors right now.



kent said...

I remember having this a couple years ago in a bomber and I was thinking it was an IPA. I just checked the beer pics on my phone and sure enough it was labeled as such. Is this the same beer and they've just reclassified it?

I made a note at the time that it was delicious so I'm definitely looking forward to grabbing some more.

Ed said...

The ABV is the same, so I assume they've just renamed it. Maybe so people don't expect a huge hop bomb -- although I think it's at least as hoppy as Inversion IPA.

Whatever. It's good.

Douglas said...

Anybody seen the 2010 Abyss in Utah?

Travis said...

I really like this beer. If you're looking for a homebrew equivalent, I'd compare this to a recipe kit at Northernbrew.com called "Jamil's Evil Twin"