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Friday, December 24, 2010

An Elephant Hits the Town

RedRock's Elephant Double IPA is proving to be a huge hit. If you like IPA's and you havn't tried it, this one is a must have. It is now available in many Utah Liquor stores and is expanding. Here are some of the new places where it's available.

Store 24 - 1160 Patterson St in Ogden
Store 31 - 14445 S Minuteman Dr in Draper
Store 38 - 1550 Snow Creek Dr in Park City
Store 16 - 125 W 9000 South in Sandy
Store 25 - 3255 E 3300 South in SLC

As always, if there's a beer you want and your local store doesn't carry it, politely ask the manager if they could get some in for you. And if that doesn't work, keep on them....politely.

Also Squatters has a new seasonal. Midnight Pale. It is an American Dark Pale Ale (Cascadian-esque) with a good dose of Amarillo and Cascade. It's quite yummy, highly recommended.

I hope that whatever you plan on doing tomorrow that you safe and happy and are enjoying a great local beer.



cole said...

i found this at the pleasant grove store yesterday (store #44)

Anonymous said...

This is a very inconsistent beer. Big body/thick mouthfeel sometimes, thin and dry/harsh others. Just decide on one.

Anonymous said...

For being "new", and assuming I've tried different runs(which I think I have), It is good. Solid NW hop emphasis with a nice but not too crazy malt skeleton.
It is a solid beer I hope to have available often. My fav Utah IPA, Imperial or othernormalwise. Among the best in the Rocky Mntns.
Good job!, Eric.

Mikey said...

My experience with Elephant has been all positive. No inconsistencies with me. A solid beer.

Ricky H. said...

I picked up a couple bottle at the 3rd east wine store the other day. I must say, that is a wonderful beer. I have never considered myself a huge fan of the Imperial IPA style, but I am a fan of this beer. It seemed smooth and balanced, but still had enough hops to sink a ship. I'm putting it on regular rotation in my house.

kent said...

I've never had any off bottles of Elephant. And I've had more than my fair share. It's just incredibly smooth for a double IPA. It's hands down one of my favorite beers. And it's local all the better.