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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Epic's Imperial Stout #2 and a New Poll

On November 25 Epic Brewing released their first Imperial Stout. Twenty days later the second release of one of their newest beers is already in the tank.

For Batch #2 of the Impy Stout, the grain bill was "Upped" with more roasted and dark malts. Which works for me. Stouts of this gravity need all the dimensions they can get. The Hop bill has also been modified with increased Nugget and Chinook hops.

Last year at this time there were no Impy Stouts, now there are three. Squatters Outer Darkness, Epic's Imperial Stouts and I'm counting Uinta's Labyrinth as an Impy even though it's labeled as a black ale.

I've created a new poll to see who is the local Impy King thus far. No cheating! If you haven't tried them all yet, you have two weeks to get your shit together and vote.



Douglas said...

Tough choices. It depends on your preference. The Labyrinth is barrel aged, while the Outer Darkness is aged with oak spirals and the Epic Impy is not BA at all. So that's a distinction. If you love the barrel the Labyrinth is great. The Outer Darkness and Epic's version are both more malt-driven roasty chocolate flavors and drier. All nice version. I love me some Impys.

Anonymous said...

I vote for all 3.

Craig said...

2nd Release isn't available yet :(

Nate said...

Labyrinth, then OD, then the Epic IS. Was actually severely disappointed by the Epic - very little in the way of stout flavor or body and the booze seemed to cut straight through it. Hopefully it'll age well and the second release will be an improvement.

kent said...

I shared the last bottle of my release #1 Outer Darkness this past weekend and I picked up a Labyrinth for fresh perspective. I'll grab some Epic this week and do an evaluation. Man that year old OD was fantastic. Shared it with three people that had never tasted it.

Anonymous said...

This year's OD doesn't seem to stand up to last year's. Last year's was nigh upon magical.