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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Raspberries Baby!

I imagine that your starting to get a sense that there's a theme going on here. This is a great time of year for beer and I have no intention of denying you a single pint of Holiday goodness.

Today's offering is from Desert Edge Brewing and it sounds heavenly. Holiday Raspberry Stout is a chocolate stout with 145 lbs of fresh raspberries added. The addition of the fresh berries provide the beer with a slightly tart fruit flavor which is countered by a slightly sweet stout.

I imagine if you like chocolate and raspberries this one will leave you all gushy.

Available at the brewpub. 4.0%


1 comment:

quad-curious said...

when were the rasps added? Post fermentation, during fermentation, end o boil, r mash?