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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

2011 Utah Beer Festival Reminder

If your planning on attending the Utah Beer Festival this Saturday, August 27th - you'd better start getting that hamster wheel in your head turn'n soon. Your gunna need tickets (they are limited), a ride (you know why) and a little mental preparation (you don't want to be that douche that ruins it for the rest of us).

If you a homebrewer, there will be free glass beer bottles to take home with you after the fest, just visit the SLC Brew Supplies booth at the festival to sign up. Bottles will be set aside for those who signed up and available to pick up after 5 at the designated area.

It's gunna be damn hot! So plan accordingly. Also keep the kids at home. They're not allowed - besides you don't want them seeing you at your worst anyway. It's not for you, it's not good for them.

Here's a map of the fest to help you plan out your attack. Click on it to enlarge. Hope to see you there!



Douglas said...

Actually I think if we ditched this puritanical nonsense that makes people feel guilty about drinking and creates a view that drinking is all about getting smashed (i.e. move to something like the drinking culture in Europe) kids should be welcome at beer festivals. Beer festivals should be welcoming events with good cheer but not a focus on getting smashed. Anyway, this isn't happening here anytime soon.

Mikey said...

Well stated, Dougie. Former beer festivals in Utah have been family friendly. Perhaps our overlords want "Zion Curtains" surrounding the entire festival just like restaurant bars.

Douglas said...

Yep. The more they make a normal adult behavior- drinking- an illicit and forbidden fruit the more people will abuse it. A festival with food, stuff for kids and that is open would be much less likely to become a drunken brawl.

Anonymous said...

In the city weekly article, proof god loves us, schirf claims mcneil thought the brewers were too high maintanance. What a crock, as a whole, Utah brewers are very low key and laid back. Schirf thinks he's a rockstar, that's why he liked united concerts running the show. Believe when I say, McNeil was a douche. Also, I love how he thinks wasatch and squatters bewpubs were involved in the recent Gabf honors even tho they were all brewed at the Co-Op and they enter seperately. Apparently w/ out schirf, there would b no beer in Utah. Crock o crap.

Matt said...

I hate to be a downer, but I went to Beer Fest yesterday and it was terrible. The $15 entry fee got me one 12-oz beer. One. And those little glasses would be fine if you could actually get through more than one line an hour (you can't). The organizers can hardly be blamed for the 95+ degree heat, but the water they provided was also around 95 degrees (unlike the bottle of ice water they made me dump out that the gate). I like the idea of a SLC Beer Festival but the organizers don't seem to get that its future success is directly proportional to it's perceived value. I plan to stay home next year, not that I will be missed in particular, but the majority of people I talked to there were also really unhappy about the situation, so I think the organizers can count on some noticeable attrition in the future.

Anonymous said...

Schirf should fix it.