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Friday, August 19, 2011

New Beer Friday 8/19/11

Today we have just one, special new beer. It's newness isn't what makes this beer special it's special because it's a Pro/Am beer.

For quite a few years the Great American Beer Festival has held a Pro/Am competition as part of the yearly, three day beer event. Utahans were never able to participate for the longest time because homebrewing was technically illegal.
Now that it's legal homebrewers can finally team up with the Pros and participate on a national stage.

Local Homebrewer, Travis Grimm teamed up with Uinta brewing to reproduce his 2010 Beehive Brew-off winning Grimmbrau Schwarzherz for the Pro/Am. The beer, now called Schwarzherz Black Heart is available for a limited time - only at Uinta's taphouse and The Bayou.

I've not had it yet, I'll be fixing that tonight, but I suspect it wouldn't have been made had it not been wonderful.

That's not the only Pro/Am going into the national competition. Another award winning home-brewer, Mike Hahn Teamed up with Epic Brewing to produce one of Mike's beers. It's a Scotch style beer that will likely be released in the next few weeks under the Festdevious label.

Is there another Pro/Am beer out there that I'm missing? Please let us know if there is.



Douglas said...

Yeah, I'm planning on the Bayou tonight to try this brew.

Mike J said...

Congrats Mike and Travis! I've had Mike's Scotch Ale (very tasty) and look forward to trying the schwartz.