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Monday, August 08, 2011

Moab's New Improved Brewery

Moab Brewing Company has been spending a lot of time and money over the last year expanding and remodeling their oasis in the desert.

One of the things that our desert brethren are looking forward to most is getting their local made beer back in the hands of Utah's consumers. For quite a while everything except for the beer at the brewpub in Moab, was made in Montana. No longer, this new facility will soon be handling all of Utah's needs.

Within the next week Moab's new canning line is due to arrive providing a new look and packaging. If all goes well we could be enjoying cans of Moab beer by September/October.



Plang said...

Are they going to an all-can line up like Bohemian? I don't mind the cans at all, but you do have to pour the beer into a glass or risk getting that odd flavor at the end.

Mikey said...

Yes. All cans. I assume the Desert Select series will remain in bottles though.

MoabUtah said...

That explains the occupation of chain link fencing and storage taking up the usual bike parking lot for the Brewery.