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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hop Harvest Help!

Oh my Brothas and Sistas.... I feeel your souls are heavy.... I feeel that your Karma is as thin as the rice paper beneath Quai Chang Kane's feet (look it up).

I offer you salvation.... yes, salvation that can only come from working the land... from being one with the soil... oh and did I mention that it pays in beer?

Our Brotha, Chris Haas - Brewmaster at Desert Edge Brewery needs your help making his special all local, wild hopped beer, Radius.

If you have the time, Chris could really use a few extra hands today. Meet at Desert Edge (The Pub) at 10am or email Chris at brews@xmission.com to find out where they are.

Be sure to wear long pants and shirt sleaves, the hop leaves can be very scratchy.

Did I mention it pays in beer?


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