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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The DABC Show

Give a man a beer and a camera, odds are trouble will follow. Let's face it... you've done stupid shit, I've done stupid shit and it all ends up in the trash or on your Facebook page. Now, give a beer and camera to a beer geek and one of Salt Lake's hottest writers and you get the DABC Show.

Now this DABC isn't affiliated with the local, socialized purveyor of all things hooch. This DABC (Drinking Alcoholic Beverages Constantly) is an internet program that is hosted by two local boys, journalist Bill Frost and beer advocate Steve Koonce. The boys take you across the Beehive State and beyond to show you all of the great beer, wine and liquor (as well as some other deliciousness) that our brewers, vintners and distillers are producing.

Bill has a quick wit and Steve is pure eye candy. This will be the best 20 minutes of your day.

I'll throw up episodes here; weekly as they become available or you can visit the DABC Show headquarters for instant gratification. Thanks, Bill & Steve for sharing the beer love!

Today's episode: What's so epic about Epic? or Death Always Knocks Twice.


1 comment:

Ricky H. said...

That was entertaining. I wish Dave told us the story behind the Brainless.

---Ricky H.