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Monday, August 15, 2011

A Sunny Day at Uinta

Earth, Wind & Beer. That's been Uinta Brewing Company's mantra for quite a few years. Since 2001 Uinta has been 100% wind powered, putting their money where their mouth is. Literally.

Wind power is a little more expensive than power off the standard grid, but after a decade "on the wind" Uinta's commitment is as strong as ever. So strong that they're going one better and adding solar to help fill their energy needs.

Uinta’s power will now be 85% Wind and 15% Solar. Last week the brewery installed solar-electric paneling on the brewery’s roof, allowing up to 30KW of electrical power to be generated for Uinta’s beer production—roughly 15% of the brewery’s power usage.

Uinta has installed a digital monitor in the brewery’s foyer, which will display both the amount of energy Uinta is currently using, as well as how much power the solar panels are generating for the brewery.

Now their beer makes you feel better in more ways than one! Congrats Uinta, and thanks for leading the way.

Also. If you plan on entering your homebrew into the Beehive Brew-off today is your last day. Get on it!


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4rx said...

I think it's a good idea to produce energy with those solar panels because we're helping our planet.