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Friday, December 09, 2011

A Barrel full of Russians

Back in 2009 Squatters did something that the loyal beer gnerds of Utah had been pining for... Well, for years. A Russian Imperial Stout. Believe it or not, an Impy Stout had never been produced by a Utah brewery until that day. Today there are many. Uinta's Labrynth, Epic's Imperial Stout and a fourth and a fifth are due to be released soon from two other local breweries that I'm not at liberty to name... yet. 

Interestingly enough this beer style that bears the Russian name isn't "Russian" at all. It was brewed in the 18th century by Thrale's brewery in London, England for export to the court of Catherine II of Russia.

5 months ago, former brewer Jen Talley and current Brewmaster Jason Stock (by the way.. Congratulations Jason!!!) layed down a fresh batch of Outer Darkness into High West Wiskey barrels creating an Anglo-Russian-Utah-Kentucky hybrid, called Barrel of Russians. 

As is tradition, these the darkest of all Squatters beers is due to be released on the darkest day of the year. December 21st. 

This is a limited release of approximately 1200 - 750ml bottles. It has a potent abv of 10.5%. It's perfect (and recomended) for cellering and celebrating the holidays for years to come. 

Don't forget the 3rd Annual Utah Beer Holiday Tasting is tomorrow night. Those of you who managed to get in before the cut-off need to get your game faces on. It's gunna get biblical. Any questions or cancellations? Hit us up - utahbeer@gmail.com.


1 comment:

Ryan B Anderson said...

I'm salivating just reading about this one. I really enjoy Jen Talley's work and hope Jason carries the torch well