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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Double Skull Dopplebock

First brewed by the Paulaner monks, Dopple Bock beers were born from a need to sustain the monks during times of fasting, particularly during the Lenten season, when solid food is not permitted.

Today's Dopplebocks have changed very little in the last four hundred years, they're still some of the strongest beers made—ranging from 7%–12% or more by volume.

Epic Brewing is carrying on the Paulaners traditions, producing it's own take on "liquid bread". The latest beer in the “Exponential Series” is Double Skull Doppelbock brewed from only four traditional ingredients: malt, hops, water and true lager yeast. The beer is malt driven and true to style with a dark brown color and packs a nice wallop for a lager, coming in at around 7.5%

Double Skull will debut on December 21st at the Poplar Street Pub in S.L.C.
This beer was designed for lent, but I think you'll find it hits the mark during the Holidays as well.



Anonymous said...

No -ator in the name? So much for tradition. :)

Anonymous said...

Two new beer releases on the 21st! I wonder whose panties will be in a bunch about that "coincidence"?

KAGent777 said...

Anonymous #2, what is the second beer to be released on the 21st?

Pics or it didn't happen :-)


Mikey said...

The other beer on the 21st is Barrel of Russians.


KAGent777 said...

Oh yes, thats right. Hmmm, what to get, both are right up there among my favorite styles.


Mikey said...

Why choose? The 21st may be the shortest day of the year, but it's defiantly long enough to enjoy both of those beers!

Gites Dordogne said...

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Matt M. said...

Are you saying that this follows the reinheitsgebot?

Mikey said...

I said nothing about the reinheitsgebot.

Plang said...

Whoo-hoo! I love Dopplebock. I'll end up spending the day running around looking for new beer on the 21st.

Douglas said...

Epic has a new Saison there as well.