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Friday, December 02, 2011

New Beer Friday 12/2/11

Two new beers for you today!

First there's Desert Edge's Holiday Raspberry Stout. This beer comes on once a year for the holidays. It is a nice chocolatey malt stout with 165 pounds of fresh raspberries added in the fermenter. The fresh raspberries impart a nice tartness to the beer. The raspberries are subtle rather than strong and up front. A great beer to celebrate the holidays.

Sierra Nevada's Tumbler is a brown ale that has a faint, clean nose with touches of caramel, light chocolate and a little nuttiness. The taste starts with a roasted malt sweetness and a dark toasty breadiness. Next comes an earthy, nutty bitterness. While The finish starts in the sweetness of the malt, it gradually turns into a nicely bittered ending that leaves a nice dryness. Not overly complex, but the flavor blend and balance is quite pleasant. 5.5% ABV @ Beerhive and some liquor stores. I have seen it at 300 e. Wine Store.



Anonymous said...

Tumbler is available at the Springville store, which is surprisingly well stocked.

Matthew said...

Just wanted to add that I found Life & Limb 2 (Sierra Nevada & Dogfish Head) as well as Celebration 2011 (Sierra Nevada) up at the Foothill DABC on Friday.

The Life & Limb is a treat and a half!!