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Saturday, February 04, 2012

Beer Prediction Engine for Super Bowl XLVI

About three years ago we did a little experiment to test the power of beer and see if could be used to predict the future. It was a success! A cities beer culture foresaw the outcome of Super Bowl XLIII.

This year we thought we'd try again with a slightly different formula to see if lightening could strike twice. In 2009 the score was 27-23 Pittsburgh won. Our beer prediction engine said Pittsburgh would win 26-25.

This year's formula goes like this.

# of Breweries/Brewpubs x Per Capita Beer Consumption ÷ # Bars = winner

We used used Beer Advocate & The Beer Institute to get our numbers. And this is what we came up with.

Boston - 35 Breweries/Brewpubs x Per Capita Consumption (26.5) ÷ # of Bars 296 = 3.13 or 31 points

New York - 67 Breweries/Brewpubs x Per capita consumption (22.6) ÷ # of Bars 648 =  2.33  or 23 points

Patriots win 31-23

Should the "Beer Prediction Engine" prove successful once again, I promise to take full credit and never let you forget it. Should it fail? There was obviously some bad data.


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