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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Attack of the Firkins & No Spaten For You!

It looks like Friday is the day for cask conditioned beers along the Wasatch front. Hoppers started it, the Bayou embraced it now the Poplar Street Pub is providing firkin casks for their patrons. The owners of Poplar Street Pub have set up an agreement with Squatters & Wasatch to provide some of their cask conditioned beers from 3-7pm . Every Friday. We will try to get you the specifics on what is being tapped asap.

Also in local beer news, the state is experiencing a Spatten drought. Mark Alston from the Bayou has been looking into why the chain of supply has dried up, here's what he came up with'

"Nobody knows who is distributing Spaten right now. I have talked to the old U.S. Importer, many Utah distributors and a purchaser at the state. It has simply gone into limbo. The state wants to get it but can't. That is weird enough but I also learned that Utah has a crazy law that if the beer importer dropped the Utah distributor then the beer cannot be sold in state for at least a year before another distributor can sell the beer. So, we might be out of Spaten for a while".
Until Spatten returns, there are plenty of great German imports to satisfy including:
St. Pauli Girl



D-Dub said...

Maybe they should have made it Firkin Fursday to spread things out.

Mikey said...

I like that name!

Douglas said...


They'd prefer me to drive to a bar. Idiots. I never heard about this meeting by the way, who attended?

Mikey said...

What did you exspect from people who think coffee & lingerie are also evil. By the way, if It doesn't get approved it should be for it name (Brew-ha-ha) not it's location.

Ed said...

And decomposing vacant buildings are great for keeping neighborhoods clean and safe!

Joe Snow said...

last week poplar had a dry hopped chasing tail, it's was quite nice.