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Wednesday, June 05, 2013

The Bayou Presents Firkin Fridays

Friday is good day for beer here in the SLC, we started New Beer Friday a few years back to give people a lil' sump in' extra to help find their weekend groove . Next came Fresh Cask Friday at Hoppers Brewpub. Secret Agent & Brewmaster, Donovan Steele has been putting together special versions of his beers on his casks for nearly a year, now we have a third entry to brighten your Fridays.

Firkin Fridays are being put on by the Bayou in order to promote our great local craft beer scene. The object of Firkin Fridays is to offer locally made beers with something unique added to them during the casking. Hops, spices, wood, chilies, etc...

Since this is a single night offering, the participating breweries are encouraged to go as crazy as they want in the cask. This will reduce the odds of repetition and promote the   crazy that exists in all brewers.

Firkin Fridays will begin on June 7, 2013. Here is the tentative schedule. Odds are the specifics of the firkins will not be made available 'til days before tapping.

Desert Edge 6/7/2013
Hoppers Brewing 6/14/2013
Epic Brewing 6/21/2013
Red Rock Brewing 6/28/2013
Wasatch Brewing 7/5/2013
Uinta Brewing 7/12/2013
Squatters Brewing 7/19/2013

The Bayou has also obtained a brand spank'n new Randalizer 3.0 Hop Infuser. This little unit is designed to filter dreft beer through hops or other mediums such as fruits or spices to enhance the flavor profile of a specific beer. Exsperiments are happening right now and as soon as the next "Randal Night" occurs we'll let you know.



Carlos Aguirre said...

This sounds awesome! And I should be in town to make 7/5 and 7/12!

kent said...

That's awesome Carlos! How's Charleston?

Carlos Aguirre said...

Pretty great. They have some great beer over here, too. And more keeps comin'!

Matthew said...

Does this mean Epic will be making a special "3.2" beer for their night?

Ray said...

@ Matthew they'll be serving Unsacred Brewing which is Epic.