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Friday, June 21, 2013

New Beer Friday 6/21/13

Today is the longest day of the year! That means there will be pleanty of time to embrace all that New Beer Friday has to offer!

The Beerhive continues to get more great Pelican beers in from the Oregon coast, the newest seasoanal offering  to come in this week is Surfer's Summer Ale. It pours a nice straw color with a nose of  toasty malts, floral-spicy hops and light earthy pears. The taste continues from there with malt sweetness, crisp but light floral bitterness, citrus zest and light pine. Finishes with notes of dry mint and a lingering of florals.

For Firkin Friday at the Bayou, Unsacred Brewing will be providing the cask. They will be tapping a special edition of Rimando's Wit made with blood orange. Tapping time will be 3:00 pm.

Haven't heard from Poplar Street Pub on their Firkin offering yet. 

Looking forward to seeing you all at the Big Ass Summer Solstice Beer Pow-wow tomorrow!


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Rio Connelly said...

I didn't get it in in time for the post, but the Avenues Proper has a brand new beer: The Ro-Rye, a light amber, slightly sweet ale brewed with three kinds of rye! Come try it this weekend!