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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Birthday Suit, Sour Farmhouse Ale

Uinta's Birthday Suit is back, bringing with it more tart goodness and a little Belgian twist. While the Birthday Suit brand was not developed to be a 'sour brand', the tradition, thus far, has carried on, becoming one of the breweries more unique offerings
This year's third rendition of Birthday Suit is an unfiltered sour farmhouse ale that showcases a mix of underlying spices from the Saison yeast used in it's primary fermentation. The taste starts with with puckering lemon zest and a clean wheat breadiness. Coriander like spiciness and grass round out the end with a moderate tartness carrying through to the finish. Crisp and refreshing, Puckering and bright with a well hidden ABV of 6.3%, Birthday Suit is akin to a big Berliner Weisse. It's refreshing as Hell with a great citrusy sourness that is worth celebrating.

This limited release for Uinta's 21st Birthday (Hey they're finally legal) is scheduled to hit shelves today or tomorrow. Check back here or at Uinta's Facebook Page for it's exact release day. As always call ahead.


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