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Monday, March 31, 2014

The Beer Bar Opens Today!

Wahoo! Finally the news most SLC beer geeks have been waiting for the Beer Bar is finally open for business. Three years ago Duncan Burrell, Richard ­­­Noel and Modern Family actor Ty Burrell decided to get into the bar game and open a high end cocktail bar at the sight of one of SLC's most infamous watering holes, The Bar X. Gone was all the old school remnants of notorious "men only" past in favor of a more modern mixology based cocktail experience.

 Though cocktails put them on the map, craft beer was always on their minds; and when the two vacant spaces next to Bar X became available, it was the perfect opportunity to infuse more new life into Salt Lake's beers scene with their newest concept, The Beer Bar.

This place is more than just a "beer bar". The owner have gone to painstaking efforts to make this new place a beer lovers dream. Not only did they bring in some new out of state brands, they also hired former RedRock brewer Kyle Trammel to oversee the implementation and design of their beer menu, staff training and systems. From a wide range of style- appropriate glassware to separate temperature controls for ales and lagers, the high tech European influenced bar is designed for the fussiest beer drinker.

I can describe it, but you really have to go down and check it out for yourself. I've been teasing most of you with the great new beers that Beer Bar has brought in, now I can finally release the new beers on their extensive beer list. And while your there check out the house beer, a unique, specially made collaborative beer made with Bohemian Brewing. This rotating beer will change multiple times over the year - right now it's a Helles style lager.

Here's the newest additions to the market. What do you think?

10 Barrel – Apocalypse IPA
10 Barrel – OG Wheat IPA
10 Barrel – Project Failed RED
10 Barrel – Sinistor Black Ale
Alameda – Papa Noel Olde Ale
Alameda – Sisikou Golden Ale
Alameda – Klickitat APA
Alameda – Yellow Wolf IIPA
Alameda – El Torero IPA
Alameda – Black Bear STOUT
Burnside – Oatmeal Pale Ale
Burnside – India Pale Ale
Ninkasi – Pravda Pilsner
Ninkasi – Total Domination 22oz
Ninkasi – Total Domination 12oz
Ninkasi – Tricerihops IIPA 22oz
Ninkasi – Tricerihops IIPA 12oz
Ninkasi – Believer Dred
Ninkasi – Dawn of the Red
Ninkasi – Oatis Oatmeal Stout

Guinness – Forign Extra Stout
Moab – Forign Extra Stout
Greene King – Old Suffolk
New Belgium – TRIP
New Belgium – Blue Pad Pils
New Beglium – Shift Pale Lager
New Belgium – Sunshine Wheat Ale

And more coming.....



BTreotch said...

They open for lunch? I'm already getting thirsty (and I haven't even had any pretzels!)

kent said...

Awesome Seinfeld reference BT!

Nice selection. 10 Barrel and Ninkasi, woot woot!

DJ said...

Are we going to see these ones too?

Burnside Spring Rye
Burnside Sweet Heat
Hopworks DOA Deluxe Organic Ale
Hopworks Double Dry Hop IPX
Hopworks Organic Single Hop Ale
Hopworks Seven Grain Survival Stout
Brewery Ommegang Hennepin Farmhouse Saison & White Ale (though I've heard rumors Ommegang has been distributed here with their Abbey & 3 Philosophers)

GastronomicSLC.com said...

While they say they'll reprint their menu three times a week, based on stock levels, here's how the full menu read as of March 20th


Mikey said...

Doh! forgot the HUB beers.

Ray said...

They don't have Burnside yet it is in their next shipment.

kent said...

Anyone know what the hours are? I can't find a website.

Mikey said...

11am - 3am

kent said...

Nice thank you good sir.