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Monday, March 10, 2014

RedRock's 20th Anniversary Imperial Red Ale

In 1994 one of Utah's most prolific breweries began making beer for the thirsty people of Salt Lake City. In those twenty years a lot has happened. We've seen them expand into other markets, create a giant production brewery, broaden their reach throughout Utah with other satellite RedRock pubs and of course being named Large Brewpub of the Year in 2007. 

Anyone who has considered themselves a friend of the brewery know the dedication of the staff (in and out of the brewery) is what has made RedRock a long lived staple along the Wasatch Front and Back. From the Chicken Schnitzel to Dandelion infused beers, at least my life has been made much better over the last two decades.

To honor their 20th anniversary the brew staff at RedRock has come up with a special edition ale to celebrate their dodeca year. The Anniversary Imperial Red Ale is deep crimson in color with a robust and fruity malt character that is balance with a substantial amount of floral and citrusy hops. This will be a very limited edition ale, that will disappear fast.

It's due to be release this Thursday, March 13th and as of this writing will only be available at RedRock locations. Big congrats RedRock on this huge milestone.



kent said...

Happy birthday Red Rock-ers. Can't wait to try this one out. Sounds delish.

Chris Detrick said...

Cheers to 20 years!

Ray said...

Have heard beerhive will have this next week!