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Thursday, March 27, 2014

The 2014 Tour de Brewtah and the Return of Rêve

Registration is now open for the 2014 Tour de Brewtah. If your not familiar with this event it combines two of my favorite activities bicycling and beer. Last year's event not only had bikes and beers but also a Star Wars theme! This year will have a theme as well, but as of now it's yet to be determined.

 The 2014 Tour de Brewtah will be held Saturday, May 3rd, 2014. The cost of the ride will be $45 regular/ $75 VIP and includes a beverage of choice at each stop, commemorative pint glass, snacks along the way, and a feeling of doing good in your community.

There will be a couple food trucks on site in the morning serving up coffee and breakfast stuff, and multiple trucks at the wrap up party serving up some awesome grub for dinner!!  So bring your cash and get your fill.

And, of course, World Dog will be at Uinta again meeting your gourmet hot dog needs!

Also there will be entertainment at the end! More details to follow. Here's the link to the registration page. This event fills up fast so don't wait.

RedRock's Rêve Belgian style Triple is back! If your a fan of Triples you'll really love this beer. If your not a fan of Triples your really going to love this beer. One of the things that sets this beer apart from others of it's style is the blending of RedRock's wild, sour beer strain to it's base. This year’s batch contains a blend of one and two-year old Belgium funky ales that have been basking in the high-life of French Oak Chardonnay barrels. 

Pours a light golden honey color with with a moderate fluffy white head that dissipated to a very thin froth. The nose is a little boozy with banana, cloves malt and ripe mango. The taste is very much the same starting with candied sugar and cloves that transitions into toasted malt and banana. Tart vinous fruit come next balancing out the sweetness creating dry and almost puckering finish. The alcohol is warming and welcomed, masked well by Rêve’s full body. It adds a whole new dimension to the beer. You really get a good sense of the oak in the finish. It’s 10.3% abv is more than enough to warm your inner beer geek. Rêve is truly a dream! Available at RedRock locations and Northern Utah's better beer spots. 


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Matthew said...

Had the Reve last night. Absolutely delicious. Nice work by the RR.