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Friday, March 07, 2014

New Beer Friday 3/7/14

Hoppers Brewmaster and Secret Agent, Donovan Steele has stepped out of the box once again to deliver something new for us today.

Waikikamukau Draught (pron. Why-kick-a-moo-cow) is an interpretation on a mild ale that has it's roots in 19th century New Zealand. Immigrants from the U.K. back then craved the Mild Ales and Bitters they had back in England. Utilizing locally sourced grain and hops this beer evolved to become a lager. Made with lager malt, light caramel malt, and chocolate malted barley.

Hoppers' single hopped New Zealand-style Draught has an amber brown color, complex malts flavors balanced with juicy New Zealand Rakau hops. The Rakau hops have a pleasant tropical flavor and perfume aroma that sit nicely on top of the soft rich malts. It has a lager crispness, making for a very drinkable session lager. 4.0% ABV @Hoppers

Pelican Doryman's Ale - The nose smacks with sweet pumpernickel, coffee and spicy hops. The taste starts with roasted coffee and sweet toasted malts. The middle brings out some balance with citrus rind and pine. The finish is semi-toasty and dry. 6.2% ABV @Bayou

Pelican Tsunami Stout - Big nose, full of dark fruits, smokey/bitter chocolate and nice rich espresso. The tastes starts dry with slightly bitter coffee beans. Dark chocolate comes next adding some bitterness. Figs, dark wheat, raisins and graham crackers round out the middle with a dry dark chocolate powder finish. 7.0% ABV @Bayou

Roosters Deep Powder Dortmunder - The nose is grassy with a fair amount of citrus peel. The taste starts with strong grassy and herbal hops up front. An understated toasted malt presence comes next with a lingering earthiness. The end is slightly dry with a lasting bitterness. Nice, clean taste. Reminds me more of an Altbier than a Dortmunder - regardless, it's quite tasty. 4.0% ABV @Roosters, Beerhive

Firkin Friday at the Bayou this week is courtesy of Wasatch Brewing. Today we have Alta Ale hopped with Mosaic and Chinook hops. Looks to be a winner. 4.0% ABV


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