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Friday, March 28, 2014

Half Assed New Beer Friday

Got called into work this morning at 2:30am, so I never really got a chance to get New Beer Friday put together. Here's what I have.

Uinta Revolver White IPA - haven't tried it yet. This one replaces the Black IPA

Uinta Birthday Suit Sour Saison (see Monday's review)



DJ said...

Payette has brought in a new draft beer in addition to the Rye: Payette Pale Ale. (http://www.payettebrewing.com/beer/payette-pale-ale) At least I think it was draft because I was offered a choice of stein or pint. Perhaps they brewed a 4.0% batch for Utah, Mikey? That Zion Curtain prevented me from knowing for sure, but you know, at least the kiddies are safe, right?

Also, Payette Outlaw IPA should be in, or on its way in (http://www.payettebrewing.com/beer/outlaw-ipa).

Mikey said...

Where did you have it, DJ?

DJ said...

I had it at Spitz, downtown on Broadway.

Mikey said...

Much thanks, DJ. Prost!