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Monday, May 12, 2014

Craft Beer Week Begins with New Brewery News!

Hooray! Today begins Craft Beer Week. There's a full week of beer related shit for adults of all walks. I posted a schedule of events last Thursday that's right here, please check it out.

A big beer week like this deserves "big beer news" and our favorite kind of big beer news is the new Utah brewery announcement. Today we have not just one but two new breweries on the horizon to tell you about, so strap in!

We're going to start in one of the last places in Utah that you'd expect find a brewery/brewpub, Utah County. Known as one of (if not the most) conservative counties in the country, "Happy Valley's" massive Mormon gene pool dominates all facets of life, but even places as religiously conservative as this have islands of sanity within it's borders, Springville is that city. So I guess it's no surprise that this is where Utah Counties beer faithful chose to open Utah Counties first brewery since the before Prohibition. 

Maple Mountain Brewing is still months away from opening it's doors. Brewers, Andrew Fullmer and Scott Brady will man the brewhouse and produce such beers as Red Dev'Ale (named for the Springville Red Devils), Sarsaparilla Stout. Chocolate Coffee Porter, Jalapeno Blonde Ale, and our IPA.

 Maple Mountain Brewinghopes to have bottles hitting the market within 6 months if everything flows smoothly with all of the licensing. We would also like to brew custom beers for people who would like to have a custom beer made for them. Maple Mountains Brew Co. mission statement is "We are in business to better our community and serve our fellow man. Hand crafted beer is our business".

Last week we told you that Shades of Pale Brewing was leaving Park City for South Salt Lake. The hole left vacant by SOP won't be empty long. A new brewery has stepped up to fill PC craft beer void.

Mine Shaft Brewing Co. will be a production brewery/brewpub located in Kimball Junction near the Utah Olympic Park. They'll be brewing classic German styles, Ales and crisp dry ciders and perrys. From the looks of their architectural artwork it looks to be a sizable modern looking facility with plenty of dinning and brewing space. I'll have more detailed info on Mine Shaft Brewing in the coming days.

What do you think? A great way to start Craft Beer Week, eh?



russell jack said...

excited to finally get a brewery in utah county :)

Mikey said...

Thought that would make you happy.

Lindsay Whitehurst said...
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D-Dub said...

I watched the promo for Mine Shaft. I kinda felt like it was an ad for a condo in a gated community. Does anyone know anything about it? Brewhouse size, what kind of beers are planned?

Clif said...

What about Jack Mormon Brewing? Is that still a thing?