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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Local Casting for Home Brewing TV Show

Okay Home Brewers, Listen up. Apparently there is a Brooklyn based television production company looking to cast local Home Brewers in a possible, upcoming television program about different brewing cultures from around the U.S.. 

Below is a copy of the PDF that was sent to Amber at Utah's Barley's Angels Chapter. The info seems legit and the website seems legit . That being said, we (Amber and I) can't 100% vouch for it and advise anyone seeking to pursue it, to do an appropriate amount of research before giving up personal info.

With all of that cautionary language out of the way, it could be great exposure for the local beer culture and our local home brew clubs. Good Luck.


Are you insanely passionate about making beer? Are you an amateur brewer who competes? Are you part of a group of friends, social club, or family who brew together? Do you devote every waking second (or all of your free time) to making beer?
A major cable network and Part2 Pictures, an award-winning documentary film and television company based in New York City have teamed up to develop a quality TV show about the fun, competitive world of amateur beer brewing.
We are currently casting people who represent the wide-range of folks making beer – especially those of you who are very active members of a brew club or beer brewing group. We’d love to speak with you to learn more about the where’s, how’s and why’s of brewing beer.
Amateur brewers who participate in competitions (or will be entering their first competition)
Members of a social brewers club who brew together Colleagues or friends who are part of a brew team Siblings or a whole family of brewers We will also consider individual brewers not part of a cohesive group Brewers with a “friendly rivalry” – or who have someone they’ve been dying to outbrew We are open to people who have been doing this for many years or just starting out, or
amateurs who have the dream of going pro We are interested in people who just LOVE beer Big personalities and huge passion for making beer a must!
If you fit the description or know someone who does, please email: casting@part2pictures.com with the following info:
name, email and phone number a recent photo of yourself and your “brewmates” where you live why you love making beer how long you’ve been brewing beer describe your group (or indicate if you brew and compete on your own) your local brew club (if applicable) details of the competition circuit (how many competitions you participate in, when you
will be next competing, etc.) describe the type of beer(s) you make and why you think it’s the best! why you’d love to participate in a show about beer brewers
About Us:
Part2 Pictures is a reputable television company that has produced a variety of high-quality documentary programming for OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network, National Geographic, the Discovery Channel, PBS, The History Channel and other major broadcasters. We are committed to telling great stories about people, their take on a world and how they operate within it.
Thank you!


Jon Sicotte said...

I live near Toledo, Ohio...but I saw this post through my google alert and I will vouch for this place.
I interviewed with them a month or so ago and they are more of a documentary-style reality show (so it's not going to be like Jersey Shore or Survivor) that focuses on people and the beer they make, they aren't looking for over-the-top people trying to be obnoxious.
They are just compiling a list of people for when they start production...so it will be a long process from what I am told before they start shooting.
Still, cool idea!

Jon Sicotte said...
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Mikey said...

Jon, thanks much for the feedback. There's so many elaborate B.S. fishing scams out there it's hard to be certain. Prost!