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Friday, May 23, 2014

New Beer Friday

Mikey has a very cranky tongue this week. Let me know if your experiences with these beer are different.

Lagunitas Night Time: Very black in color witha nose full of pine and roast with a bit of citrus in the background. The flavor is starts with dark malts and citrus. Then comes a bit of onion flavor from the what I'm guessing are from the Simcoe hops. Definitely a black IPA. The finish is bitter and a little boozy. 8.3% ABV @ Bayou, Beer Bar

10 Barrel Swill American Radler: Hazy in orange in color with a nose of pear, apples and a little grapefruit. The taste starts sweet with peach, pineapple and grapefruit. the end is lemony with hints of wheat and yogurt. Since this is a Berlinerweiss at it's base I would have liked it to have a bit more tartness. Finishes really sweet. 4.5% ABV @ Beer Bar

New Belgium Hop Kitchen RyePA: Pours a clear honey color with a nose full of bright citrus hops, floral and pine. The taste starts with thin caramel and citrus, floral and pine hops. The end is slightly grainy and finishes slightly dry and bitter. This reminds me of Rampant, there's supposed to be rye malt in there, but I'm not detecting any. A good IPA, A "meh"? RyePA. 6.6% ABV @ Beer Bar

Ninkasi Spring Reign: Pours a  nice golden/amber color with a nose packed with grapefruit, tangerine and a hint of lemon rind. The taste follows the nose. The citrus hits first followed by the bready malt. Next comes more citrus and caramel, followed by a big finish of bitter hops and lemon zest. The balance could be a little better, but still quite nice. 6.0%ABV @ Beer Bar

Petrus Aged Pale: Pours a golden yellow color with a champagne like foamy head. The nose is dusty with Belgian yeast, biscuit and ripe fruity notes. The taste starts mildly tart and sour with some Belgian yeast notes. Next comes sour fruity vinegary white wine notes with a touch of cherry in the end.  Finishes dry with some faint notes of malt giving it a nice balance. Love this beer! 7.3% ABV  @ The Bayou

Scotch De Silly: Pours a dark amber color with one finger head. The nose is big with malt, sweet pecans and molasses. The taste starts with rich caramel, butterscotch and toffee with a slightly acidic cidery flavor in the middle. A slight hop bitterness rounds out the end with a faint presence of sweet alcohol in the end. Mouthfeel is rich and scotch-like. 8.0% ABV @ The Bayou

For Firkin Friday at the Bayou, Squatters has the cask and has filled the Firkin with Provo Girl and dosed it with cucumbers and coriander. Tapping is at 3pm.

Also, Join the Utah Brewers' Guild at the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art Saturday (5/31) for a fun-filled evening pairing art and ales. 

Each participating Utah brewery has been provided a piece of art from UMOCA's exhibitions and asked to pair it with one of their beers. Come see what they came up with!

3oz. beer pairing at each station and light appetizers will be provided.

Participating Breweries Include:
Epic Brewing Company
Red Rock Brewing
Squatters Pubs and Beers
Wasatch Brewpub and Brewery
Desert Edge Brewery
Bohemian Brewery
Shades of Pale 

$20 per ticket. All proceeds go to the Utah Brewers' Guild and the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art.



ZB said...

i don't get onion out of the nighttime however when i do get onion taste in hoppy beers its usually when i have palate fatigue. A lot of times i revisit those beers and wonder how i was tasting that. Some people are more sensitive to Onion hop taste but i don't get that much in this beer. I do get a lot of hop extract aromas

Matthew said...

I found some Lagunitas Nighttime at the 3rd & 3rd Wine Store today. Of note, Sierra Nevada Hoptimum is selling at $2.69 per bottle in the DABC. Isn't that down from last year?

Erick said...

I'm pissed off that the state isn't stocking Petrus aged ale! This is my favorite beer.

Goofy McWanker said...

Ha! One of my favorite NBF images. Kudos, Mikey!

Mikey said...

•Yeah Erick, special order from the Bayou. I'm sad too.

•Thanks, G-Wank!!

Erick said...

Mikey, I'm going to try to see if foothill can get me a case off of Mark's stash. Will let you know the outcome. This special order stuff really bends me the wrong way. In the past I used to get stuff off his Rogue pallets. Love your blog and so happy to get the information from the different contributors to the topics.