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Friday, May 09, 2014

New Beer Friday 5/9/14

There's good amount of new stuff out today, Enjoy!

Hoppers Helles Festbier: German pilsener malt, Vienna and Munich malt. Lightly hopped with  German Spalter Select and Hallertau Mittlelfrüh hops. GABF 2013 Gold Munich Style Helles Lager. 4.0% ABV 

Rogue Beard Beer: One of those beers with a bit of ewww factor. The yeast from this beer was cultured from critters that reside in Brewmaster John Maier's Beard. Have not had it yet, I'm not opposed to it, i've had stranger beers for sure.

Alameda Golden Ale: 4% version made for Utah. Starts with light cracker malt and grassy hops Thin palate with a dry presence. Finished light with an earthy tea-like sweetness.

Alameda P-Town Pils: 4% version made for Utah. Unfiltered, quite cloudy almost looks like a hefe. Very light body. Not a lot of taste. not ofencive but it's a nice reminder that it's not easy to make a flavorful session beer

Rogue/Voodoo Doughnut - Chocolate, Banana and Peanut Butter Ale: The nose has cocoa with some banana notes. The taste is chocolaty with some roasted malts and yeast. No hint of peanut butter. Banana notes in the finish.More like a chocolate weizen

Rogue Farms 7 Hop IPA: The nose has tangerine, orange, caramel, grassy hops. Taste is sweet caramel malt, tropical fruit and big floral hops at the end. 

New Belgium Lips of Faith Gruit: Not tried this yet

New Belgium Summer Helles: Not tried this yet

Returning Favorites

Desert Edge Downhill Dunkelweizen: This German dark wheat  beer has phenolic vanilla, banana and clove aromas and wheat with roasted flavors.

Sierra Nevada Hoptimum: The nose is sweet floral, flavor adds some pine resin with a delightful bitter sweet aftertaste. Really good.

Sierra Nevada Southern Hemisphere: malt nose with hints of piney hops. The taste is sweet, grainy, caramel and light fruit notes lead into a strong bitter, piney hop taste.


Ray said...

So where can we get these fine beers?

Mikey said...

Sorry, it was chaos this morning, surprised I got it published at all. The Gruit is a the Bayou - the Alameda draft stuff is definatly at Beer Bar & should be popping up at other bars. Beerhive got some Hoptimus & everything else is at Beer Beer. I think.

Jamie said...

Mikey, I'll bring my Gruit to try tomorrow.