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Monday, October 27, 2014

2 Row Brewing Company

It's new brewery day! Yup, around here when we make a new brewery announcement it's like Christmas, Life Day and Mardi Gras all rolled up into one!

Our story begins here, on the internet. As many of you know, this is a dangerous place to be. Use cation when you tread here, what you do could have life altering consequences. Case in point: Brian Coleman - an unassuming local home brewer is bumping around on the inter webs and comes across a profession brewing system for sale.

Now most of us home brewers would have looked at this brewhouse system and thought, 'wow... maybe someday'. But Brian had to go and take it a step further and make contact with the seller. The result of his conversation was an out of this world bargain and an immediate trip to the East Coast of the United States. A week later after what could be described as the plot from Indian Jones and the Lost Crusade, Brian returns to the SLC with a shit load of stainless steel, hoses, fittings and a refrigeration system. It's at this point our hero says to himself,' I guess I'm getting into the brewing business'.

That's the somewhat vague and brief origins of 2 Row Brewing, Utah's next brewery. But starting a brewery is a lot more than having cool toys, you need some smarts in the kitchen and in the lab. If you've ever tried Brian's home brew you know that this boy has got skills. I've met few home brewers that have such attention to detail when it comes to the little things that make a big difference in the quality of any given beer.

Brian and his wife Dede have decided on Midvale to set up shop. 2 Row will be a 4% + ABV brewery that will cover the entire gambit of beers. The brewery will have it's own Package Agency so they will be able to sell be direct to the public.

The Coleman's are still in the process of gathering all the needed licenses/permits and are hoping to start brewing in the Spring of 2015.

2 Row will likely debut with four labels including an India Pale Ale, Double IPA and a Bier de Gard. Please show your support by liking 2 Row's Facebook page and keep checking in here for detailed updates. Congrats, Brian and Dede!



Zachary Crawford said...

Go Brian Coleman, this dude makes some awesome beers.

kent said...

That's awesome Brian. I can't wait to see what you do.

Ed said...


Craig said...

Great news! Congrats Brian and Dede.

DeDe Coleman said...

Thanks for the great story, Mikey. This is a very exciting time for us and I'm sure there will be more adventures to come!

Dixie Cooper said...

This is all so cool!!! Can't wait for you to get it off the ground.

Andrew Smith said...

The 'Tastes Like Citrus' Limited ed. IPA (#3) is legit- on par with some of the other great citrusy IPAs that I've had (e.g., Tropicalia from Creature Comforts). Nice work. I'm a fan.