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Friday, October 10, 2014

New Beer Friday: Wedding Edition

Got a wedding to go attend this weekend? I hear your calendars may have just doubled. Well my friend, it's a good thing you stopped by! Today we have all manner of liquid malty goodness to brighten up any party or to just help enjoy the day.

Last July we told you about the Summit Co. Land Conservancy's hikes to hunt for local wild hop populations. These hops are said to be descendants of plants that German immigrants brought to Summit County during the mining days of the 1800s. Through its Hops Hunters program, the Conservancy and hops-loving volunteer hikers identified viable wild hops populations on four Park City properties protected by the Conservancy—Empire Canyon, McPolin Farmlands, Virginia Mining Claims and the Rail Trail.

Wasatch brewers, the Conservancy and volunteers monitored these populations for peak brewing readiness for a few weeks and on August 27 harvested 42 pounds of wild hops cones, which Wasatch brewed into "Clothing Hoptional". I was under the impression that this beer was going to be part of the Hop Bandit seasonal that Wasatch has been making over last 5 or 6 years. Oh well, I'm always happy to be wrong in these circumstances.

Anyway, Clothing Hoptional is described as an unfiltered Golden Ale that pours a slightly hazy dark gold with a nice white head. The aroma has a hop character that is light citrus, piney, floral, and grassy along with light bready and caramel malt notes. The flavor follows the aroma with citrusy-floral and grassy hop flavors upfront followed by slightly sweet bready, caramel and honey-like malt notes, finishing with a slight bitterness to balance the beer out nicely. It is a nice, sessionable medium body 22 IBU beer. 4.0% ABV. Only available at Wasatch's Park City Brewpub and SugarHouse Brewpub.

Sierra Nevada Ovila Tripel: The nose has apple, citrus and Chardonay. The taste starts bready and sweet with some tangy fruity notes as well. Chardonnay grapes come next with peppercorn and clove rounding out the end. Finishes with a bit of spicy hops. Not as rich as some triples, which ups its drinkability. 8.8% ABV @ Beer Bar - DABC

Payette Bonanza Golden Ale: Golden Bronze in color with muted floral and citrus aromas. The taste starts with sweet biscuit and caramel. Slight floral and citrusy hops come next providing a nice balance to the ale. The finish is crisp and clean. A nice session ale. @ Grocery Stores

Beer from the monks of St Boniface and Andechs in Munich have made their way into Salt Lake City and are exclusively available right now at the Beer Bar. The brewery is the major income generator for the abbey. Here's what you'll find.

Klosterbrauerei Andechs - Doppelbock Dunkel: Pours a clear mahogany color with two fingers of tan head. The nose has toffee, caramel and hazelnut. The taste starts with fruity toffee and caramel. Nutty toasty grain flavors comes next with a bit of banana bread richness rounding out the end. The finish is toasty and slightly bitter. It's okay, could use a little more balance. 7.1 % ABV 

Klosterbrauerei Andechs - Vollbier Hell: The nose is grassy and spicy with noble hops, yeast and toast pilsener malt. The taste starts with biscuity, pilsener malt and some yeasty breadiness. Spicy noble hops come next with some grassy notes as well. Lemongrass fills the finish with a nice subtle bitterness. I'm not a huge Helles guy, but this one is quite good. Worth your time. 4.8% ABV

Klosterbrauerei Andechs - Weissbier Hell: The nose has a nice creamy wheat aroma with floral, orange juice and coriander. The taste starts with candy like toffee and creamy wheat notes. Toasty wheat and biscuit notes come next with hay and mild coriander and spices rounding out the end. Finishes semi dry with some lemon and orange zest. The Helles influences add a lot of character to this unusual Weissbier. 5.5% ABV

Klosterbrauerei Andechs - Weissbier Dunkel: Pours a dark mahogany color with a puffy white head. The nose has banana, cloves, caramel and Noble hops. The taste starts with nice yeasty notes, caramel and toffee. Chocolate malt and bready wheat come next with banana and spices rounding out the end. The finish is round and chewy. For a low ABV beer this brew is full bodied and hearty. 5.0% ABV.

From one of the largest in the breweries in the German state of Schleswig-Holstein. The Flensburger brewery was founded in 1888 and they credit the pristine underground glacier streams that hail from Northern Scandinavia for the beers consistently fresh taste. These are also exclusively at the Beer Bar.

Flensburger Pilsner: Pours a brilliantly clear straw color with a white foamy cap. The nose has a subtle grassy aroma with toasty crackers and grain beneath. The taste starts with sweet grains and toast. Slight earthy and sulfur notes come next with a sharp hop bitterness rounding out the back end. Great hoppy German pils with nice, smooth mouthfeel. 4.8% ABV

Flensburger Gold lager: Pours a clear gold color with a large white head that sticks around. The nose has apple and grape with mild grain notes. The taste starts grainy and toasty. Malt sweetness comes next with more white grape notes and a touch of grass and grain. Slight sulfur notes round out the end. Finishes semi dry. 4.8% ABV

Flensburger Weizen: Pours a hazy dark golden hue with a finger, foamy white head. The nose is doughy with tea and some cola notes. The taste starts like the nose with big doughy bread notes. Estery yeast flavors come next. The end is nutty with some biscuit notes. The finish is slightly bitter. It's ok. There are some off-flavors that I cant't quite identify. 5.1% ABV

Flensburger Dunkel: Pours a dark brown color with two fingers of frothy foam. The nose has molasses, tea leaves, cocoa and roasted malt grain. The taste starts with pecan nuttiness, toffee and some roasted grain notes. Cocoa comes next with some Nutella sweetness. The end has some leafy tea flavors as well as some floral notes. and some roasted grain. shells, a little light roasted malt grain, and tea leaf. 4.8% ABV

For Firkin Friday at the Bayou Hoppers has filled the barrel with their Dunkel Lager made with Vienna and Dark Munich malts with Hallertau Mittlefrau in the kettle. Dry hopped with New Zealand Pacific Jade. They have a nice pepper spice and a citrus rind and orange flavor. A little more pine like when dry hopped. Tapping is at 3:30pm

At 4:30pm the Annex will be tapping the Annex's Bavarian Hefeweizen made with White Turkish Figs. Sounds damn interesting!



DJ said...

Squatters has a wet hopped beer coming too, if it's not already pouring, to join the incredible line up of wet hop beer this year. My guess is if it's not on tap yet, it will be by the end of the weekend.

kent said...

The clothing optional is really good. Nicely balanced pale.

Shelterd Life said...

The appetizers were plentiful and the drinks flowed - no one went hungry or wanting from the vow renewal, and the hourly charge for liquor (as opposed to by consumption) meant that our thirsty friends were satisfied without breaking our bank.