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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Epic's Element 29 American Pale Ale

Epic Brewing has a new Pale ale coming our way next month. Element 29 all Amarillo hopped American Pale Ale. Element 29 is named for Copper the 29th element in the periodic table.

Amarillo Hops tend to have full of big orange and tangerine notes. I got to try this ale at Epic's Denver taproom earlier this month. The appearance is copper colored of course with a nose full of
pleasant citrus and floral hops. The tastes starts with a bit of caramel and cookie dough with ripe peaches. Hops take over towards the end bringing forward floral and citrus zest. finishes moderately dry. 5.2% ABV

Element 29 is Epic's third canned beer and because it's only available in cans it will only be made in Epic's Denver brewery (that's where the canning line is) it is expected to hit Utah shelves in November. Because we live in Utah and the beer is made in Denver you will not be able to buy it at Epic's Bottleshop downtown. You can only buy beer at the bottleshop that's made in Utah. You may have noticed that you can't buy cans of Escape to Colorado and Hop Syndrome in cans there as well - only in DABC stores. Yeah, I know. We'll let you know when it pops into town.


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