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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Rumor of the Day: Heretic Brewing

2015 is likely going to be a big year for new craft brands coming into the state. Breweries from all over the west are discovering a huge Utah shaped hole in their distribution maps and are finding it's full previously undocumented money wielding beer nerds.

One brewery I'm hearing rumblings about is Heretic Brewing out of Pittsburg, CA. Heretic makes six year round offering and about a dozen seasonal beers. Their known for a DIPA named Evil Cousin and a Strong Ale called Evil Twin.

My sources are say early 2015. Take it for what it's worth, these rumors usually come to fruition, just not in the time frame normal humans are used to. Any thoughts on these beers?



TheReverend said...

Never had them, but now I want to try them out. I love that the craft beer market is growing, especially the local stuff.

Mark Alston said...

Seeing as how it has taken over a month and 10+ emails to try and get our order of Pelican delivered (and is was already in the state!!!), take all the dates you hear with a huge grain of salt.

ZB said...

Can't wait to drink some Jamil beer. his stuff is solid, willing to bet its a long time before we get this

robertjm said...

One of the owners of Heretic is Jamil Zainasheff, incredible home brewer, and winner of the AHA's Ninkasi Award, who turned pro a few years ago.

It wouldn't surprise me for you guys to see it soon. They outgrew their original small brew house in the blink of an eye.

Definitely worth trying them when you get the chance!

Liz Zainasheff said...

Not a rumor! We're excited to come to Utah. Distributor is lined up, we're just waitng on gov't approval. Hopefully be there by early 2015.

Mikey said...

Thanks for the clarification Liz! Welcome to the market.