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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Maple Mountain Halloween Party

Provo, Utah's Maple Mountain Brewing is still months away from going on line, however that's not stopping the the owners from keeping you excited about their new take on local beers. The Maple Mountain crew will be holding a Halloween party this Friday evening starting at 8pm at the brewery's future site. Donations will be appreciated as the fledgling brewery is looking for an injection of funds to to help them overcome some start-up hurdles so operations can move forward. Maple Mountain will have a few experimental brews on tap for people to enjoy. The address is 861s. 170e. Provo, Ut. Hope to see you there!

Also today, Uinta's popular Yard Sale Winter Lager is getting some new packaging. look for the new cans on store shelves in the coming days. Yard Sale is a great toasty amber lager full of Nobel Hop goodness. Always in my fridge. Formerly Gelande Amber Lager for those of you keeping score. 4.0% ABV.


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