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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Ogden City Brew Supply

If your a home brewer along the northern part of the Wasatch Front you've likely encountered the difficulties in obtaining your home brew supplies the further north you go. There have been a few home brew shops that have come and gone - including Grains, Grapes and Grounds and the recently shuttered Union Station Fermentation.

Now comes word that the guys behind Salt City Brew Supply in Midvale are going to invest in Ogden and points north of Salt Lake County with the opening of Ogden City Brew Supply. They will of course sell beer kits  along with a long list of specialty grain, adjuncts, yeast and hops. Wine, cider and mead supplies will be available as well. brewers.

OGBS will be located at 2269 Grant Avenue and is looking to open their door by sometime in mid July.



dazed and confused said...

Outstanding! Nice to have a supplier north of SLC.

Ross Metzger said...

Just a follow up. OCBS is now open. They have everything to make beer and wine, and will be growing their inventory over the next month or so! Stop by and say hello.