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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Sour Brainless on Peaches - For SLC

A couple of weeks ago we had the pleasure of letting you know about the release of Epic Brewing's Sour Brainless on Peaches. It got a very limited release in the states where Epic distributes and Utah will will be no different.

There will be a few cosmetic changes to the bottle that you will receive in SLC. First: it will be in a 22oz bottle in stead of the special 375ml waxed cap bottle that came out of Denver. Second: It will not have the new label, it will have the label that came with the original release of "beautiful disaster". The approval of new label would take too long - the brewery wants the beer out to you asap.

The sad part of this is that there will only be 175 bottles - one per person. The price for that 22oz bottle is $19.99. They will go on sale at the brewery on Thursday July 2nd. Due to the limited amount available it will likely be gone in an hour. People will undoubtedly do what they can to maximize  their purchasing power, so if you're able to get your ass to the brewery early Thursday you probably should.

Don't stress if you don't get some, this just a first release from Epic's new sour program. The sours will continue to flow.



Goofy McWanker said...

Sold out in 17 minutes because of a TWO bottle limit. Lame.

Mikey said...

Yeah, with such a limited supply they should have kept it to one per person. Do more people could snag some.