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Thursday, June 11, 2015

The First Annual Wendover Beer Festival

Beer Festival season is upon us. Some of the best beerfests in the U.S. will happen within the next three or four months. Utah is no exception. Between Snowbird, The WeeBEER, Utah Beer and Oktoberfest the beer will flow fast and deep. One of the main gripes about the Utah fests is the lack of outside (of Utah) participation. While that situation is getting better every day, there are some beers that will likely not see the legal light of day in Utah for quite some time.

If you're looking for a beer fest that is "local" and will offer you the diversity you seem to have found lacking in the past, I may have just the thing for you. The 1st Annual Wendover Beerfest will offer you 47 beers from 15 western breweries. Here's a list of the participating breweries

Uinta Brewing
New Belgium Brewing
Oskar Blues Brewing
Great Basin Brewing
Brasserie Saint James
Ruby Mountain Brewing
Bad Beat Brewing
Ballast Point Brewing
Green Flash Brewing
Ace Ciders
Firestone Walker Brewing
North Coast Brewing
Full Sail Brewing
Rogue Brewing
Pyramid Brewing

Even though Wendover isn't in Utah it might as well be. It's only 90 minutes from downtown SLC and it has non of those lovely Utah alcohol restrictions. This will be a pay to play festival. $20 gets you $25 in tokens and a taster mug (mug is mandatory). You can even use tokens for food items.

If you don't want to drive, there are Bus Packages available that include beerfest tokens and other perks for $25. The date is June 27th 2015, 1pm - 6pm at the Peppermill Concert Hall. Parking is free. What do you think?



Shane in Utah said...

I do wish there were more out-of-state breweries represented at the Utah Beer Fest. Even more, though, I wish the breweries that do participate would bring more seasonals and limited editions. From their perspective, the Fest is a marketing opportunity, and it makes sense to emphasize the beers that are readily available in the DABC system. But as an avid beer drinker, I've pretty much sampled everything that you can buy in a state store or grocery store in Utah, and I go to the Beer Fest looking for new beers I've never tried before. Maybe the vendors could split the difference: have 2-3 "staple" beers on offer, and 1-2 seasonals for those of us looking for novelty.

Mikey, now that Ninkasi, Ballast Point, and lots of other out-of-state breweries are getting some limited distribution in Utah, will there be more of them participating in the Beer Fest this year?

Mikey said...

It's likely, they will most likely be attending through the distributors. To ensure their participation you'll probably want to hit up those guys.

Lori Gage said...

Where do you purchase the pass at and what size is the mug glass or plastic?

Mikey said...

Check out the links that I've provided in the story. Cheers!

Lori Gage said...

Sorry, I'm not seeing any links I'm on my phone. Can you just tell me?

Lori Gage said...

The only link I'm finding is the link to purchase a bus package. I don't want a bus package I will be there all weekend and leaving on sunday

Mikey said...

Lori, tickets are purchased at the event. https://wendoverfun.com/resort/special-events/beerfest/

Greg Scrowther said...

Mugs are 16oz, glass, logo mug. You can purchase mugs, tokens,and discount packages at the yellow Peppermill tent. You can't miss it, it's yellow.