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Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Proper Brewing Company

Great news if you're a fan of  Avenues Proper and craft beer in general. It was officially announced last week that the owners will be creating a "proper" new brewery called appropriatly enough The Proper Brewing Company.

Why does The Avenues Proper and Publick House need a new brewery in Salt Lake? I mean they've already got one, right? Well, while that is true - the constraints the city places upon their location in the Avenues neighborhood of SLC makes it difficult to get their highly sought-after small batch beers out to the public.

With this new brewery - Head Brewer, Rio Conally will have the ability to get out from under the limitations that his current nano brewery license places upon him and give him the ability "properly" make the beers he's always wanted to make.

The Proper Brewing Comapany will be located in the Central 9th District around 900 S. And Main St. and is scheduled to open later this year. Even though The Proper is meant to be a production brewery that will bottle/can/keg it will have a pub that will offer a limited food menu.

Looks like your good beer year just keeps getting better!

Photo: Utah Stories

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