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Monday, June 15, 2015

Uinta's New CEO & Ales for ALS Red IPL

Uinta's popular Ales for ALS beer that has become a seasonal staple in the market for past few years is returning this year with a new ABV, style and packaging. The first thing you'll probably notice is that this year's version is not an ale - it's a lager, so it's technically "Lagers for ALS". It's also getting a boost in the ABV department - going from 4% to 6.2%. The final change is that it will be packaged in Uinta's corked and caged 750 ml bottles. The hops for this beer are a special blend designed especially for breweries that participate in this ALS program. As always a portion of the sales from this beer will go to the ALS Therapy Institute. This is not for sale yet. We'll let you know as soon as it is.

Also happening at Uinta: Uinta Brewing Company has announced that Steve Mills, former Vice President of Sales for Duvel USA and Boulevard Brewing Company, will be joining their team as Chief Executive Officer. After 23 years of leadership, Uinta’s owner and founder, Will Hamill, will be transitioning his role to Board Member and Founder with a restored focus on brand development and brewery innovation. Creation of a more ‘traditional’ CEO post within the company supports Uinta’s growth strategy and continued commitment and investment in people, brand and great beer.

“I’m anxious to be afforded more time to fully embrace my passions within the company and empowering Mills will allow me the bandwidth to do so”, says Hamill. “Finding someone with extensive craft beer experience to fill the CEO role at Uinta was a must. Mills brings 20 years of industry knowledge to Uinta—I’m proud that we were able to attract such quality talent to lead our team.”

“The beers and people at Uinta Brewing Company are world class, I’m excited to be submerged into the strong culture that exists there”, says Mills. It will be a privilege to lead the incredible team that makes up Uinta. Continuing the legacy of making flavorful beers that are relevant to today and tomorrow’s consumer will be front and center of everything we do as an organization.”

With an extensive background in brewery operations and sales, Mills will be a vital asset in leading Uinta to continued growth. Mills joins Uinta at a time of great momentum; with 31% growth in 2014 and strategic plans to continue the brewery’s success while building upon their ongoing commitment to quality beer and brand. “Everyday I’m proud of the beer we produce and the brand foundation we have built at Uinta”, says Hamill, “I’m confident that Mills will be a fantastic leader in Uinta’s journey ahead.”

Mills takes over as Uinta's CEO today.


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kent said...

That's an interesting looking beer. I'm excited to try it out.