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Friday, July 24, 2015

New Beer Friday: Pie & Beer Day Edition

Oh yeah, Baby! It's New Beer  Friday, and if that's not enough for you to celebrate it's also Pie & Beer Day! I know that many of you have your Pie & Beer Day celebrations already planned out. Weather your celebrating at home with friends and family or hitting some of the many planned events around the Wasatch Front, these great new beer option can only make your day better.
Squatters - Safety Meeting IPA: All Vienna malts and 100% Summit hops - create a damn refreshing citrus blast in this seasonal session IPA. 4.0% ABV @Squatters - Pair with Cheesecake

Pelican - Golden Pelican:  Herbal, fruity and hoppy nose with a spicy rye flavor profile that works well with the fruity and spicy Aramis hops and farmhouse yeast. 8.5% ABV @Beerhive, Beer Bar, Slackwater, Bayou - Pair with Cherry Pie

Pelican - Flock Wave Pale Ale: Bright floral and citrusy nose. The taste has smooth wheat characteristics with a crisp citrus peel snap. Finishes light and dry. 5.9% ABV @Beerhive, Beer Bar, Slackwater, Bayou - Pairs with Rhubarb Pie

Full Sail - Session IPA: Light citrus in the nose. The taste is slightly grassy with cirus and pine beneth. Malts are light. Refreshing light body. It's not going to blow your mind but it'll do. 5.1% ABV @Beer Bar - Pairs with Quiche

Aztec  -Sacrifice Red India Ale: Dank, hoppy nose. The hoppy bitterness comes on strong and lingers throughout. Big caramel and roast malt flavors are intense as well. Quite dry and roasty for a Red Ale. 7.6% ABV @Beer Bar, Slackwater, Barrelhouse - Pairs with Pecan Pie 

Aztec  - Hop Serpent: Flowery and piney nose with a nice woody malty taste. A hint of char comes next with herbal hops and apricot. Interesting IPA. 9.9% ABV @ Beer Bar, Slackwater, Barrelhouse - Pairs with Apple Pie

Shiner - Ruby Redbird: This Radler has a spicy grapefruit nose and a palate to match. The taste is mostly grapefruit with ginger ale backing it up. This has much more of a snap than your typical raddler. 4.0% ABV @ Harmons  - Pairs with Custard Pie

Santa Fe - Black IPA: Roasted malt, pine and orange peel in the nose. The taste starts with a big dose of char and toffee. Strong piney hops come next with a hint of citrus in the back. Finished bone dry. I think I'm loosing my enthusiasm for the Black IPAs. It's a good representation of the style. 7.1% ABV @ Beer Bar, Slackwater  Pairs with Black Berry Pie

Deschutes - Pine Drops: Big piney/citrusy nose. Herbal up front with a nice dose of honey malt. The rest of the beer is an onslaught of resinous pine and citrus. So damn tasty! 6.1% ABV @ Beer Bar - pair with Key Lime Pie

Have fun and be safe this weekend.


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