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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Utah Pie & Beer Day

What is Pie and Beer Day? At it's most basic it's a play on words: "Pie and Beer" sounds like "Pioneer". It's origins are vague and it's time in Utah is unknown, but what we do know that it has been deemed important and it's here to stay. What was once reserved for backyard gatherings and tavern revelry is now out of the shadows of the Pioneers and ready for it's time in the light.

If you're like me and tend to spend any time here at the Utah beer Blog, your connection to Pioneer Day in Utah is mostly that of a spectator - you understand why some may find it important, but for the most part it's just a waste of a free day. Pie and Beer Day was created as a counter culture alternative for people that don't fit into the established green jello and hand cart mold that has been around for generations.

Every year, Pie and Beer Day's momentum increases. More and more people are discovering what this wonderfully kitschy day has to offer. It's not just about drinking beer or filling our, er... "pie holes" with pie but that other non-LDS cultures matter and that our way of celebrating life in Utah is just as legitimate.

The Pie and Beer Day manual is short and brief. Gather friends and/or family - bring pie and beer - have and consume. It's been this way for years and it's a formula that has proven to work.

If you're looking to step up your game and get out of the back yard, KRCL and SLC's Beer Bar are putting on their Second Annual Pie and Beer Day Celebration. The event is a fundraiser for the radio station and will feature pies and beers that are specifically paired for maximum enjoyment.

Look for pies (both sweet and savory) from Eva's Bakery - Copper Onion - Pago - Carluccis' Bakery - Tulie Bakery - Cafe Trio - 3 Cups - Great Harvest - Beer Bar and Taqueria 27

The locally made beers will be provided by RedRock - Squatters - Uinta - Wasatch - Bohemian - 2 Row - Shades of Pale - Hoppers - Desert Edge and Epic Brewing.

The event is on Friday July 24th (Pie and Beer Day) and will go from 3pm-5pm at The Beer Bar located at 161 e. 200 s. in SLC. This event is limited so you're thinking of showing up at 4pm your likely to be SOL. If you can't make it to Beer Bar, create your own celebration. You can't lose! We're talking pie and beer folks.



Unknown said...

Nicely written, Mikey!

Margaret Alexander said...

Interesting article about Pie and Beer day. How funny. We love pie here in Michigan for many reasons. We have made a special/limited edition for the last two years called CEO Chocolate Stout Pie named after and made with a local brewers(Right Brain) CEO Stout. It has been very popular for Father's Day celebrations.

Have a great Pie and Beer Day!

Margaret Alexander
Grand Traverse Pie Company
Traverse City, Michigan

Mikey said...

Cheers, Margaret!

Bubba Shrimp said...

YEAH! Nice to get some notice from the East coast folks. Love your blog Mikey! Thanks for putting into such eloquent words what so many of us already know about Pie and Beer Day ;)

Mikey said...

Thanks, Bubba. Prost!