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Monday, July 13, 2015

Oskar Blues is Coming

One of the mountain region's most popular breweries has finally set it's sights on Utah. Oskar Blues was founded in 1997 in Lyons, Co and made a huge impact on the craft beer scene with their phenomenally popular Dale's Pale Ale. The brewery was also one of the first craft breweries in America to embrace cans as their primary packaging back in 2002.

In March of 2015 Oskar Blues acquired  Perrin Brewing Co. out Michigan - this acquisition was backed by a significant investments from Fireman Capital Partners, a Boston-based private equity firm that already has significant investments in two Utah-based craft brewers — Wasatch and Squatters, which make up the Utah Brewers Cooperative.

Now that you have an idea of who Oskar Blues is, here's what you really care about. Which of their beers are coming to Utah?  Oskar Blues current standard line up of beer consists of seven labels: Dale's Pale Ale, Mama's Little Yella Pils, Pinner, Old Chub, Old Chub Nitro, Deviant Dale's and G'Knight. It's likely most or all of these will be in the market in the next few months.

These are quality beers from a great brewery, any thoughts on Oskar Blues hitting the market?



kent said...

My non-scientific research shows Dale's Pale Ale to be the most bootlegged beer in Utah. So this is a good thing. So tasty.

I'll give this two woots.

Dark Star said...

Now all I need is Odell in Utah and I can cut most of my Evanston beer runs out.

Mikey said...

Odell is coming - I just haven't got confermation on it yet. 😉

ZB said...

More varieties of cans is always great for skiing and camping, however it also means another 7.99$ 6 pack being sold for 15$ :/ overall this is a big win.

Matthew Benish said...

Bring in some Ten Fidy!

Galan Taa said...

In washington dc its usually 10.99 - 11.99 for a 6 pack of the oskar blues.