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Thursday, July 09, 2015

Roosters Celebrates 20 Years

Utah may not be a powerhouse in the craft beer scene compared to other states, but we've got some serious staying power with five breweries surpassing the 20 year mark. Tonight (July 9), Roosters Brewing Company joins Wasatch , Squatters, Uinta and RedRock as they celebrate their 20th anniversary, with a pig roast, music and beer.

Roosters opened up in Ogden back in 1995, renovating a 119-year-old building that had been a Chinese laundry and a "house of ill repute" during 25th Street's "glory days". Brewmaster Steve Kirkland was Roosters' first employee, and he's still creating and brewing more than 26 unique beers, including their special anniversary Belgian Style Rye Ale featuring the brewery's original rooster logo. Chanticleer Belgian Rye is an earthy Belgian-style ale, enlivened with rye and possessing essences reminiscent of clove and citrus.

The all ages party kicks off tonight at 5pm and goes til dark at Rooster Ogden location - 253, 25th Street. Congrats Roosters on two great decades!


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